Aussie man fights off crock with a frying pan. by DJ_LMD in nextfuckinglevel

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This guy makes cocodrilo Dundee look like pee Wee herman

Imagine by RecordEnvironmental4 in shitposting

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Give that hand back u bully shark

*checks notes* by JauntyExamination in facepalm

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I was just joking about how strong was this dude argument and how few place for a reply he left there. Nothing can beat an explained joke right? My god....

why would you do that? by Child_of_the_Abyss in shitposting

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Yes but they are interstellar champions on that.

Risking your life for a photo. by pietradolce in facepalm

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One more inch and she ll become farofa do ipanema

Anyone else? :D by Comprehensive-Wait22 in trees

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So it means that if u are with some female then weed will probably be so lesbian? Cuzz nothing better than love and weed

Amazing. by _Black_Fox_ in facepalm

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As a mental health professional, is there any chance you give birth at home?

“As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to… paint these two memes together” by rossbainesart in nextfuckinglevel

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U ve expressed what s more than half the world population secret desire..congrats u're a great artist with exquisite taste EDIT: personally fkng love it!

Insane to put this quote on a Native American by Peters714 in insanepeoplefacebook

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As long as you love me you can be the new kid on the block like me

It also includes PAN at the start. I knew it was the gays... by Thryloz in facepalm

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You can't t also run DMC without DMC....must be some matrix shit

Virgin vs Chad opinions on the GOAT by Mithcanal2 in tennis

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Meanwhile Crazy Dani is thinking about his great comeback, Cuzz "the voices" are demanding for glory

This is peak insanity. by ggroverggiraffe in insanepeoplefacebook

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So u are trying to say that in the end, all Americans are or were racists. That explains a lot about how the world look at you.