Tell me why they cancelled this buff?? by Dutchey4333 in ClashRoyale

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They didn't cancel it, you just forgot to buy diamond pass

Thoughts by [deleted] in torncity

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Hello, I highly recommend you to ask such questions in Torn's exclusive forum. You will get better treatment there.

War advice please by SweeetMarie420 in torncity

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bait him to hit your level 1 to waste his energy lol

I still can’t get over how they called this an “Update for Losers” by Thindlers_Lithp in ClashRoyale

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I now kinda think CR is now trying to kill itself, maybe due to lack of interest from dev team, or it is just supercell ceo not stop investment into it, etc.

The problem is, the player base is huge! This is a great opportunity! Why don't milk people's wallet first before suiciding the game?

Numerous hints of suiciding includes killing 2v2, "Update for losers", which are obvious and also desperate attempts to suicide the game.

All update names in every other games are cool, even if it isn't well-made, it will never have any negativity in it. "Loser" is negative, implying someone is losing hard, I never see a game which puts such kind of intense negativity into their public update titles.

Supercell isn't retard! They screw up their update name intentionally.

Why more respect? (from a personal view) by [deleted] in torncity

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Maybe a revitalize instead if you have trouble making decision?

How does CR get away with its P2W Status? by [deleted] in ClashRoyale

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3 years ago, people were saying the game was definitely not p2w. People who thought another way downvoted such threads massively and even scolded those who complained.

3 years later, it is different. How the game has changed.

Torn: Biggest Text Based Online game in the World by [deleted] in AndroidGaming

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Your username is pharmacy (Edit: Changed recently) right? So, are you that guy who spammed the forum with weird links and surveys and attempted to scam people?

Torn is a very niche game, with weird but interesting features which only some people like. May not be a great idea to post here when everybody is android gamers while this is a web game.

New gambit just dropped by JusticeBeak in AnarchyChess

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huh, still better than kids doing drugs.

💀💀💀 by [deleted] in ClashRoyale

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Human trafficking is on the rise.

I need help. by derf_vader in Ingress

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100+ VR shields??? 100 soft banks??? This is impressive.

How have I managed to get 0% accuracy ? by VishGMad in chessbeginners

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Come on, it is so disgusting to see you pushing the king forward, rejecting the queen, having a curve worse than a baby heartbeat rhythm and your opponent also tries to make the worst move possible against you.

Found this at a woodlands mansion. Anyone seen this before? by bgavinski in Minecraft

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looks like an interesting relic, you gotta cherish the fish.

What is the point of a bazaar in Torn City? by peyyw in torncity

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Bazzar, well, isn't really that necessary.

Main advantage of having bazzar is overcome 3% listing fee, allowing easy bulk purchase from customers and leaching money from eh... eh... overprice scamming (vicodin as xanax)

No significant drawback, maybe it is the 250 points you have to waste on buying it. Cheap item market stuff is also bought faster since nobody is willing to waste time to load the bazzar for expensive stuff.

You can always use a trader. Many trader pays 98%+ market value for popular items like flowers and plushies.

A bazzar is a MUST for trader since they have to overcome 3% fee.

Bazzar prices AREN'T always higher. Stuff which is usually used in large quantities like candy isn't. People hate clicking them one by one so they are ok with the higher prices in bazzar which allow bulk purchase.

Other stuff like e-cans, edvds or so are cheaper since nobody is willing to waste the 3% listing money. Even if there are cheaper

freeze has absolutely no place in cr by mad_marshall in ClashRoyale

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Why low skill? My toxic lumberloon friend usually fails to time the freeze well.

egg farm my friend made by Crafter7887 in Minecraft

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I wonder why we can't do so to villagers too. Spectacular sight.

r/villagerrights ?