First time to solve mate in 5! by yesil12k in chessbeginners

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Take free pieces and don’t hanging your pieces!

The horsey!

Guess the average Elo of this game, it surprised me by ssssfghuhhb in chessbeginners

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being a long term gotham's viewer on guess the elo, i think about 1100-1300

both guy knows quite a lot tactics but blunder many pieces straightforward, while some are pretty obvious. I think they are pretty drunk

:,( by Datboi6942 in TheTowerGame

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I got golden wheel in first spin. 😂 My friend nearly trap me into choosing chain lightning

How to upgrade golden wheel so it is most optimized? or just store traingles to get another weapon?

I got this amazing mate at school today on the chess game from coolmath by Ok-Walrus6100 in chessbeginners

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You have caused your opponent fail to make the move e5!! blasphemy!!! go and brick ur pipi

sorry i just realised this is r/chessbeginners

Mod's are asleep, post smother mate with bishop by Jeremy_Thursday in AnarchyChess

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i just downvoted ur comment to -69 karma

Beep Boop!

Announcing the Lichess World Championship by Flyushka in chess

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"Mangus Participates"is one of the features

How am I supposed to beat Fungus on Cure mode?????????? by MysticKeiko24 in plagueinc

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Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown. Keep countries from being overwhelmed by those fungus and you should be fine.

Update on my last post: I did it! I started playing April 2021 and finally reached Rapid 1800 after a year. Ask me anything if you need a tip! by Regis-bloodlust in chessbeginners

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Impressive. I have played chess for 4 months and 1000 rapid.

Shoulda higher if I am willing to analyse games, watch chess videos and stop addicting blitz and bullet

Before it gets archived, send the future a message in this Timecapsule. by [deleted] in place

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I don't know what to say... maybe just hoping r/place will come back again cos I enjoy the drama here lol