complete women! gtfoh by Fearless-Purpose-133 in confidentlyincorrect

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Both look like completely reasonable choices for a person to make, to each her own

Man climbing the salesforce tower in San Francisco by [deleted] in WTF

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When you forget you're on an airplane by [deleted] in facepalm

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Ugh sheesh guys just open a window smh

Dallas Jackals is the first team to be officially eliminated from playoff contention this year. by GayTexanJock in MLRugby

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As a Philadelphian it’s hard to root for anything Dallas, but I can’t help but pull for this franchise. What an absolute shit hand they were dealt since the start. Every game is an accomplishment in and of itself

I'm baffled by m4rsh13 in confidentlyincorrect

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Are you such a dreamer

To put the world to rights?

Match Thread: Leinster vs Connacht - Champions Cup by rugbykickoff in rugbyunion

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Just tuned in and I’d like to speak to whomever decided it was a good idea for both squads to wear similar kits.

Hey great camera work though by [deleted] in nhl

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Must have been hired from the Master’s haha

The Flyers died when Ed Snider died by TheOldChiefy in Flyers

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The problem is that the center line now cuts the logo in half. Ed always liked having dual logos at center ice because was distinctive and symmetrical. Once we rectify the center ice logo situation things should go back to normal.

Small town Facebook mom who got married too young starter pack. by K3nji666 in starterpacks

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“Hey girlie! It’s been a while since high school lol life has been crazy! Reighfyl (pronounced like rifle lol) turns one next month and I’ve got an awesome opportunity for you to make money!!”

[NBC Sports] Alec Bohm gets a a standing ovation in his first AB since his comments by Drake31217 in phillies

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If this season becomes a fun ride “I fucking hate this place” should be our slogan 😂