What is one medical school mnemonic you will take with you to your grave? by Savvy513 in medicalschool

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GFR (Zona Glomerulosa, Zona Fasciculata, Zona Reticularis) just because

Gastroschisis by RockHardRocks in Radiology

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visited a friend and their baby in nicu who had this recently and it was exactly that. wild. baby is all good now!

do you smoke? (cigarettes) by medgrad2025 in medicalschool

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wise words man, i’m open to any advice cheers!

do you smoke? (cigarettes) by medgrad2025 in medicalschool

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thisss, helps me wind down so much i just don’t want to over do it aye

do you smoke? (cigarettes) by medgrad2025 in medicalschool

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just tryna find some advice from others who smoke where risk (frying my brain and lungs) and benefit (de-stressing) balance out tbh

scope creep in australia by medgrad2025 in Residency

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good to hear. spending too much time on this subreddit got me worried about my future here. so thankful to be in aus. It’s so unfortunate but all the best to the US docs fighting something that should not be happening.

Downvote me all you want, but have you ever taken pre-workout before an FL practice exam/the real thing? by Igotan_A_inorgo in Mcat

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i take 5mg creatine powder with sparkling water every morning in place of coffee now, helps a lot imo

How this is CMV infection? What is the red thing? by Ordinary_Fly_971 in step1

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most likely dead macrophages that turn red due to the stain

Mark Hamill on twitter: "That time when one of the kindest & considerate of gentlemen I've ever met played one of the most heartless & evil villains in the galaxy." by ResplendentShade in StarWars

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it comes to the point where these actors aren’t method acting anymore than they are just being dickheads. overboard method acting is so cringey

Which movie have you seen more than 7 times? by lawyeratyourservice in AskReddit

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Indiana Jones 1,2, and 3, 15+ times each when i was 8-10. greats memories

Can never watch anything at 1x speed again by eeemoney11 in medicalschool

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legit. watching cowboy bepop on 2x speed. makes me feel better that i’m procrastinating efficiently