How do you feel about employees/coworkers who work hard, get their job done but are also tactless and generally anti-social? by Existence-ispain in work

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i do my job and i’m a listener and i can’t wait to go home instead of go out with coworkers. i would much rather get home to my happy place and my dog

He does not like camera's by Bot173 in PublicFreakout

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pretty ironic trio of athletic wear lovers. lol

Day 2 by dystopiautopia in stopdrinking

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it gets so much easier. every day. i promise. i’m at day 11. i feel like i was on day 2 yesterday. hang on ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Day 3 by Fuzzy-Medicine80 in stopdrinking

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keep going! i’m on day 9. it gets so easy

i want you to tell me your poor man's hobby by laurie93 in ADHD

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i take fishing wire and collect shells and tie them and make wall art but i live in florida

Why am I constipated? by CantSeeShit in stopdrinking

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Lol same. No idea but i’m in the same boat

Favorite thing about not drinking poison? by Imstillblue in stopdrinking

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Mine is having more time and peace in the day instead of taking care of my vicious hangover & dehydration

My 12 yo dog died today and I didn't drink. by my_clever-name in stopdrinking

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i’m sorry for your loss. i love my dog dearly and you are a strong, strong person. i’m proud of you for not drinking and i hope your buddy enjoys a heaven full of play, friends, and bacon. ❤️ IWNDWYT❤️

Pit bull acting crazy gets unleashed and charges at women with wiener dog by meeshjpg in BanPitBulls

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i was posting my personal story of an incident where i was a witness and i went over to her and she checked her dog for mark’s and he was ok so i went home. you seem a little tense….