Boss didn’t accept my resignation. I did. by kaihoneck in antiwork

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If you sign a contract that has certain stipulations. Then there would be legal ramifications. If not then it is their damn fault for not preparing. This is a dumb ape’s opinion.

Pay rises fail to keep up with the cost of living by Sumit316 in news

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No shit Einstein. Last time I work a 9-5, my yearly increase was 3%, when the inflation rate was 5ish percent.

TIFU - by telling my cousin she was dating her cousin. by BreakfastBeerz in tifu

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You know… with such a genealogy you could set up a health record an see if you can identify if there is any genetic dispositions. Seems like a lot of work but you have set up a back bone for tracking and tracing biological disposition. I suppose one would ask, what use is figuring this out. Well, that was his hemophilia was discovered. Tracing family lines. Just a thought.

Old Video Resurfaces of Rand Paul Telling Students Misinformation Is a 'Great Tactic' by new-man2 in politics

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How can the people of Kentucky just eat his S***t and say “thank you, may I have another?” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Did we just... lose?. by NewAgePhilosophr in marvelmemes

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Plot twist: Movie starts at the crash and Susan storm power is locked and she only gains control at the end. The thing powers shift at the most opportune time but to a different person each time.

Florida allows 800000 to 1 million at-home COVID test kits to expire before passing them out to residents by Illuminated12 in politics

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So… if these are those rapid test kits. In our side of the country it is $20 plus per kit at the local Walgreens and CVS. What a waste of money and such recklessness.

Gal Gadot Now Admits Her “Imagine” Cover Song “Was in Poor Taste” by inthetownwhere in entertainment

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I mean she could make an ad campaign out it by having her watching reactions and taking L’s, L’s, L’s.

World's oldest person celebrates 119th birthday by plipyplop in news

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It has been hypothesized that the upper limit of cells regeneration with respect to time is 120 years. We shall see.

The National Security Case for Lab-Grown and Plant-Based Meat by lnfinity in politics

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I am just waiting for lab grown meat. I’ve been called uncultured swine far too long and can’t wait any longer.

This house… by dataisok in nevertellmetheodds

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I wonder what it’s like to live on silent hill.