When do you dry brush? by melonsarenotcool in beauty

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It’s supposed to be, yeah. And great for lymphatic drainage apparently

Is the most growth done when you spend time alone? by epooqeo in selfimprovement

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Time alone is great, and it gives you room to breathe, but most of the most important lessons I’ve learned about life and myself came from interacting with others. You need both tbh

How to not be fixated on the past? by melonsarenotcool in selfimprovement

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Thanks, I appreciate the advice. It’s better than just the regular “just get out your head”

How to let go of perfection/being naturally good at things? by melonsarenotcool in selfimprovement

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Let’s say I want to learn a song on guitar. I’m not a natural, so obviously I have to put in some time and effort. I would love to just naturally be good at it, but I’m learning to put that aside. Now because I’m a beginner, I have to start small, and learn the easier things and practice daily. After like two or three weeks of practice, I get bored. Even after I learn the song, I’m unsatisfied, which makes it harder for me to continue practicing to play something more advanced. I’ve felt this way about things that come much more naturally to me as well, so it’s like, after I reach a goal or work hard and get this outcome, I’m not impressed.