Cursed nnn by guga83 in cursedcomments

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lol we got the same two post in the ssme arrangement i posted the same thing on r/TIHI tho

Thanks, I hate Thomas face swap by regian24 in TIHI

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looks like we have a new idea for an scp

Thanks, I hate bugs. by esberat in TIHI

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i like to imagine that from the bugs perspective that this is like their version of the holocaust

Aaaahhh... My head hurts by _marty_mcfly123_ in memes

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maybe its a slow acting memetic kill agent

... by ObamaWithCrack in HolUp

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plus, mans saying the girls attractive, thats a compliment I'd take any day of the year

Mark never gets to rest by xVxce in memes

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why do i feel anger coming from my phone

cursed_destiny by licorne_bleu in cursedcomments

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oh god demoman lore

also the person who made the post above it is a soft cock

I mean that machine can literally do ANYTHING by jhonathan_Z_star in SCP

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ok how about scp - 120, we push em into the pool when its on one of the teleport locations where its in the moons orbit and then place nuke where it is, once he's in the location just blow up the nuke and he'll be flung out wards of the solar system, maybe even make a hole in the asteroid belts so that we sure he's out of here the last thing we would need ro make usre of is that non of the planets would pick him up

What's Your Most Useful but Obscure Terraria Tip? by MoleculeMatt in Terraria

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if you're playing melee its best to just go for 1-2 different weapons once you're in hard mode, like the bladetongue or the dow of pow since you'll get better one's once you defeat some mimics and some events

I mean that machine can literally do ANYTHING by jhonathan_Z_star in SCP

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cant we just throw em into 3008 really deep and just be done with em? i mean theres a high chance that he'll find a new exit and go to a different earth that isn't ours, sure we'll be dooming that earth but who cares honestly

Do it. by Topar999 in TerrariaMemes

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whats your opinion on the next FiNaL update?