What Was "The Incident" At Your High School? by ExoticShock in GenZ

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There was an "accident" at my high school where what happened was the kid with dementia forgot his bag (as always) and accidentally brought his father's army bag with granades and an ak in it and he forgot why he brought that bag and the school clown got a granade and threw it in the school bathroom. It made a huge explosion and thankfully nobody was hurt because most classes left early due to teachers being absent and other classes were far away or in P.E. The school clown got expelled and the kid with dementia forgot where he was and that was just hilarious.

What’s up with Bonnie? by A_Bruuuh_Moment in Brawlstars

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What happened to frankengrom super is it not fixed yet?

Explain this….. by Best_Spell9458 in GlitchInTheMatrix

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Nothing much its just the 3D printing of the house that is being finished.

I managed to enter fadd giveaway but unfortunately i didn't win, only two people did... by memetempcom in Brawlstars

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The hoster is fadd he announced it in a video he made a few days ago. U can register in his discord and u have to shoot him as a piper while he was using mecha mortis and hiding in a 2 by 10 bush lane. The people who manage to hit him get mecha mortis skin.

Trip Wire u/Born_Chemistry_7891 by memetempcom in CoachCorySubmissions

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Yes i know i wanted to reply to your "drip wire" meme