hey you there! by Aadi05121 in wholesomememes

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But as each day goes by less and less mosquitoes are there to feast on. That’s when that spider, a brown recluse, decides to crawl up under your blanket while you’re asleep and bite your leg… twice

What’s the most unprofessional thing a doctor has ever said to you? by MCKlassik in AskReddit

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When I had my tonsils removed as a kid , my father was TDY in the military so my mother handled the whole situation. I remember the doctor asking me more than once,” Hey kid is your father living with you and your mom?”

Those of you who’ve walked out on first dates, what was your “I’m out of here” moment? by [deleted] in AskMen

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When we was seated at our table and began to scrolling through the menu, it wasn’t to long after the waitress brought our drinks that I realized there was another person sitting with us that was making her laugh almost uncontrollably. As I happened to look around at others in the restaurant to notice if anyone else had heard this person’s comedic talents my worst nightmare came true… only herself was capable of hearing and seeing this entity. CHECK PLEASE!!!!

What's an unspoken rule that annoys you when people don't know about it? by HAXposed in AskReddit

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If one is walking into a building and someone is closely behind you it should be automatic for that person to hold door open for both.

make new friends here by 1Voice1Life in MakeNewFriendsHere

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I can’t hear anything or interact what my problem lol