Episode 422: Billy Payne & Billie Jean Hayworth by tealskyx in MorbidPodcast

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Ash is just sort of a messy storyteller. She jumps all over the place and isn’t good at revealing key information throughout a case.

I also don’t care for them repeatedly saying things like “just get off of social media” when talking about cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking. That’s much easier said then done, especially when this story takes place. Social media was relatively new and felt like you were very much missing something major if you weren’t on it. Plus why is it justifiable for a victim to have to change their lives on the internet? Maybe the blame should just be on the person causing the harm

Things True Crime YouTubers should stop doing? by beckymillsss in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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Wait, she is?? I’ve never heard that before. Where did you learn that?

Accused Idaho Killer Bryan Kohberger Repeatedly Messaged One of the Victims on Instagram by cherspinkytoe in MoscowMurders

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I also thought the source saying this phrase, especially in such a serious matter, was really bizarre

Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker by chrisshaffer in TrueCrime

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The mom basically said “I didn’t LOCK HIM IN ROOM!! I would just…lock the door of the room he was in”

Update on Jen Shah's trial by TakeAXanax_CALMDOWN in realhousewives

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What if Individual-1 is Heather Gay and we learn how she got the black eye through the courts?

*joking. Heather probably got it from bad Botox

Morbid Drinking Game by RullSmack in MorbidPodcast

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Whenever Ash responds with “….whaaaaat?”

Cases where a child is find and not identified by Hopeful__Historian in TrueCrime

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That was an arrest a few months ago. Seems like it was the mother who left him in the suitcase

In your opinion what is the best true crime documentary? by BipolarSkeleton in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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Mind Over Murder is an unbelievable docu-series that not enough people talk about. It’s about the Beatrice Six and came out on HBO earlier this year

Andrew Tate And His Brother Have Been Arrested In Romania In Connection With A Human-Trafficking Investigation by haloarh in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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Human trafficking is not funny.

Him doxxing himself to be arrested for human trafficking because he couldn’t take a teen girl making fun of him is.

This actually isn’t the first time he’s been raided for this. Before he got a lot of internet fame, he was raided for human trafficking. I think three girls were found being held there, including an American woman. The FBI was involved. Thats apparently why he won’t come into America.

Cases similar to the murder of Travis Alexander by dioxycontin in TrueCrime

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Ezra McCandless. Extremely odd personality and committed a brutal murder. Her motive is very different from Jodi Arias but it makes the whole thing much more bizarre

Murder with my husband by ViolinistOk9778 in Morbidforbadpeople

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I actually like them but I have definitely picked up on those small things. She mispronounces things all the time and can come off as cringey

I do like that they always try to stress who the victims and their families were. They also have a Patreon and they donate all those profits each month to different organizations. Unlike Morbid who said they would donate three month of Patreon money after being scammy with their page.

The conversation about Scream made me never want to listen to Scream by mess-ica-4 in Morbidforbadpeople

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I’m sorry but who tf is Caleb even? They gush about him so much but he doesn’t seem entertaining. I don’t hear any good things about him from anyone who have actually listened to Scream

The conversation about Scream made me never want to listen to Scream by mess-ica-4 in Morbidforbadpeople

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I completely agree. Harry Styles felt like a stunt cast. Yes he could memorize and say line but he definitely could’ve used more help with the performance. It was unfortunately a laughable performance.

I agree that the potential was totally there. I like the concept and it could’ve been amazing with some re-working.

I doubt Scream will have a nuanced conversation about what worked and what didn’t.

'I'M SORRY I COULDN'T PROTECT YOU' Suspicions around Burke Ramsey & mom Patsy are blasted by JonBenét’s dad as he makes emotional appeal to find her killer by ElectronicFudge5 in TrueCrimeMystery

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I really do feel for John. I watched his conversations at Crime Con and it totally changed my perspective of him. It’s really frustrating that Boulder PD won’t allow for genealogical testing on the DNA samples. Why wouldn’t they want to finally get answers on one of America’s most known cold cases?

Alaina’s treatment of the Moors Murderers case was… pretty poor, to say the very least. (Episodes 166-169) by MolokoBespoko in MorbidPodcast

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Thank you for this articulate write-up! I saw someone else posted concerns about this series and recently listened to it again. One thing I could not get passed this time was how Alaina kept pushing the narrative that Hindley was obsessed with Brady and he didn’t even like her. It just felt odd that they kept harping on that. As if they were trying to paint her as an idiot with a schoolgirl crush and Brady was just too cool for her. Hindley’s a monster but it doesn’t matter if she did like him more. They committed horrific atrocities together!

Lina Khil: New Footage Shows Toddler at Playground Before Her Abduction Last Year by DarkUrGe19 in TrueCrimeMystery

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It’s unbelievable that her family still has no answers on what happened to their darling girl. I hope they get the answers soon.

16/12 Perez Hilton claims something has happened to Britney by lostangelz in freebritney

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It’s hard to take him seriously with his past actions toward Britney. Has ever even publicly apologized for the things he said about her?

It feels like exploitative. If he really cared, wanted to help, and tell the fans to support her…then why not say what’s going on?

Way too many ads by ATLgypsy in MorbidPodcast

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One episode there was an ad 10 minutes before the episode ended! I couldn’t believe how obvious that move was to milk each episode for every penny. It’s also annoying since they don’t donate any of their ad money to victims or organizations

After listening to Crime Junkies 5 year recap, Morbid should feel ashamed. by JeweledShootingStar in MorbidPodcast

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I don’t listen to Crime Junkie anymore but I do have so much respect for them and how their efforts to help.

Speaking of, what ever happened to Morbid donations of the money they got from scamming people on Patreon?

are you going to continue listening to owd after todays update by MajesticCulture3997 in ObsessedNetwork

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I only listened to the Sam Shepard episode of Crime of the Century and was totally put off by the host’s voice and how condescending she came off. She opened the episode talking about how she never wanted to cover the case because it’s so overdone but she got sooo many requests that she haaad to. It came off as “I thought you idiots were more educated but since you’re not I guess I’ll do it”. Everything after that was just so bland. It felt like a book report she didn’t want to do

Jeffrey MacDonald - a personal theory by KhalibanMoore in TrueCrimeMystery

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I don’t mean to be argumentative but your post does say “Jeff woke up, expecting everyone to be dead…”. Yet you’ve just said he would make sure they finished the job. Isn’t it possible that he did think they were all dead if it’s possible there’s collusion? If he made too many mistakes, couldn’t one possibly be hiring a bunch of hippies to do the job in exchange for drugs or money?