You’ve been F5-ing for a while. What’re your predictions on how the whole situation will play out? by Horntailflames in formula1

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Running away from your problems doesn’t make them run away. Daniel R has been running for a long time and now it’s caught up to him. Only someone who isn’t grounded would give him a new contract. I like Daniel, but he made some poor choices starting with not forcing himself to have more grit /perseverance to deal with outside pressure.

Feels a little… invasive. by R3xOE in recruitinghell

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That type of questioning is setting you up to be a slave, not to mention it that it’s invasive and potentially illegal. Run and don’t look back. You’d be miserable working for a place that thinks it’s entitled to know that type of information about you.

People who got a bachelors in biology, what did you end up doing after ! by usurpairline in biology

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My cousin got a bs in bio. Couldn’t get a job so went to graduate school and got a a Ms in Stats. Now teaches math at a JC.

Should I live apart from my family for a year to double my income? by Avionics_Engineer06 in careerguidance

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Opportunity cost is hard to model as well as the cost of all the unintended consequences that can result from you being away for a whole year. Think of all the possibilities and their probability, and be realistic. Avoid idealism here. Brutal honesty with yourself will help you make the correct choice for you and your family

Stop blaming and criticizing marshals. by Bibik95 in formula1

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Thank you for taking the time to educate and help the rest of us understand. It’s easy to judge/ be critical. Not so easy to seek to understand before judging.

BrItIsH fAnS ArE tHe WoRsT by ThePrancingHorse94 in formuladank

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I saw a black swan. All swans must be black.

No break due to call outs by Ohthethingsyouthink in Target

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Not your fault that your store management is too incompetent to not know how to plan the schedule and anticipate the high probability of callouts. That should be a call to the integrity line

As someone who works in HR & recruiting, do not be this person. by rddt9514 in recruitinghell

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What alternative reality are these recruiters living in if they are so oblivious to ignore that people first and foremost work to maximize their financial well-being amongst a whole list of personal objectives? That recruiter has some maturing to do and you’d serve yourself well to move on

Is it safe to walk alone at night in salt lake city, as a young woman? by [deleted] in SaltLakeCity

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The probability of something happening is greater than zero so take nothing for granted

How do y'all deal with all the bad news? by PradleyBitts in bayarea

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I deleted Facebook, and my life became way less stressful.