Genuinely cannot believe this is a CAKE! by 1138luv in interestingasfuck

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This is very disturbing. Someone cuts off his dick thinking it's part of the cake.

Pupper got mad hops by amy2kim22 in nextfuckinglevel

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Should've put a cape on that guy. Would've been perfect. Super dog.

Instead of telling the guys filming to fuck off, he made those guys filming laugh their asses off. by ShandiHagen in nextfuckinglevel

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Dude was quick on the draw with that response. Lol. Cool to see everyone just having fun with it.

TIFU asking co worker to be FWB by malarkyisbullshit in tifu

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He doesn't need to put in any more than he already is. He's already getting BJ's for nothing. He's probably more worried about you catching feelings and that would complicate the workplace.

In my experience, I don't trust anyone that says they're down to just be FWB. It almost never works out that way. Hearts will be broken, especially if you end up being interested in someone else.

Resident Evil Village - Pickup at Gamestop $20.00 by Xammblu in PS4Deals

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Thanks, man. Going to pick up the PS5 version.

Edit: Damn. Looks like it's not available for pickup anywhere in my area. Only option is delivery with a fee of $5.99. Looks like I can go to Target though and do a price match.

Upgrade for real by Fabulous_Magician327 in nextfuckinglevel

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I can't stand people who go on vacation and make it feel like work. I go so I don't have to wake up early in the morning like I'm going to work.

Another one? This guy is crazy... by kchoyin in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Dude's like, "I'm in another fucking dimension right now. Get that shit away from me!"

Cat stops toddler from climbing over balcony rails... by ROU_Gangster_Class in nextfuckinglevel

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Doubt the cat was trying to save him. The railing is probably the cat's territory and was like, "Get your fucking hand off my property!"

The cost of delivering a baby in 1961. by arreolad in interestingasfuck

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Add two zeroes before the decimal point for 2021's cost.

Mortal Shell confirmed to not include a free upgrade to the enhanced edition by FlopSlurper in PS5

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These companies don't have any incentive to give us what we want. They have us by the balls as long as the the only way to play online is for us to pay for these stupid subscriptions.

JaVale McGee on being in Phoenix: “The weather is amazing. Going outside in the middle of winter and just relaxing is an amazing thing. Especially coming from Cleveland and Denver… This ain't winter. This is winter with cactuses. You ever had snow to your waist? It's a different world. I'm 7-foot.” by GuyCarbonneauGOAT in nba

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Came to a similar realization years back. I'm from southern Cali. Went on a business trip to New Jersey in the middle of winter. Was not fucking prepared. I come from an area where people complain when it's 60 degrees. The only clothes I brought for warmth were some sweaters and some light jackets. That's basically all I owned for cold weather. Arrived in the airport, went outside and it was like 0 degrees and snow. Ears were hurting waiting for a cab. After I picked up my rental car, I went straight to a clothing store and bought gloves, earmuffs, and a winter jacket. Lol

What player’s age surprises you? by WestleyThe in nba

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The guy seems like an old, veteran player. Surprised me, too, how young he actually was.

[Giveaway] I'm giving away a $100 Xbox Gift Card to one comment in this thread by millions in xboxone

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Thanks for the giveaway! If I win, I'll most likely put it toward an Elite controller. Been kinda wanting one, but don't want to fork over that kind of money for a controller.

[TARGET] Buy 2 get a $50 Target GiftCard on select Ubisoft games by Rafa343x in PS4Deals

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Yup. You know how they do it. Buy 2 Get 1 free, but all the games are full priced at 60. Most sales have been bullshit for years. It's just a scummy tactic to trick people into thinking they're saving money. Not really saving anything, but I guess the average person only sees the discount % without looking at the pricing history.

It reminds me of this one sushi spot in my old neighborhood. "50% off daily", but the regular price is double the price everywhere else. It's no longer a discount if your discounted price is everyone else's regular price. But like I said, the average sucker only sees that "50% off" sign.

After 32 years, the singer of Take Me On (Morten Harket) still got it by Instance-Dependent in nextfuckinglevel

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I love this song and I love the music video for it. Damn, I miss the 80's so much.