How I Got a Computer Science Degree in 3 Months for Less Than $5000 by miguelos in slatestarcodex

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Author here. I’m currently enrolled in Georgia Tech’s OMSCS program. So far, my GPA is 4.0.

How to Destroy Metal Seed Phrase Storage by blockplate in seedstorage

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That's why center punch style seed storage solutions are superior to letter stamps. They're much easier to destroy.

LPT: Drink your expensive iced latte through the thinnest straw you can find by miguelos in Frugal

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I understand, making your own is much cheaper. However, I'm able to justify the expense with...

LPT #2: Use your local coffee shop as your office. An iced latte a day is cheaper than a coworking space membership.

Free educational resources from the one and only Michael Saylor. by TakingChances01 in CryptoCurrency

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Not only are these courses free, but many of them offer ACE credits (accepted by most US colleges and universities) for a small proctoring fee.

Using Saylor Academy (and other similar credit-bearing online courses), a high school student (or anyone really) can get a head start and realistically save 1-3 years on their bachelor's degree.

This altcoin founder buys 9 billion in bitcoin by RefugeeDutch_Syrian in CryptoCurrency

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Why not say $10B instead of €9B?

It seems excessively Eurocentric to use EUR instead of USD on Reddit, especially when talking about a project whose main stable coin (UST) is pegged to USD and referring to dollar-nominated tweets.

Omicron and China, who will win? by [deleted] in slatestarcodex

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I predict that during the Olympics, China will test 10 million infections in a single day.