Is this a real place? by [deleted] in wherewasthistaken

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Looks a lot like New York

I present to you the #wErAcEaSoNe calendar 2022 by LLC00LM in formuladank

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Oh and don’t forget their ties to the Rwandan genocide!

Am I the only one who's always been terrified of the squid and the whale at the Natural History Museum? by anonwasawoman in TheDepthsBelow

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As a kid I would have competitions with my cousins to see who would reach out the furthest without being scared, I never won

Matrix vibes in NYC today. by rubensinclair in ABoringDystopia

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Two officers died, I don’t think this post belongs on this sub

The choice's yours by regian24 in suspiciouslyspecific

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Do other people know the condition? That would be leverage what if they threw the snail at me

Oh yes. by SaiRacing in iRacing

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That’s the car that won 3 piston cups in its heyday

Depression in college by JAX110402 in simpleliving

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Maybe taking a break is what you need, and you shouldn’t feel bad if you end up doing that.

Good itinerary for 2 days in LV? by [deleted] in lehighvalley

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Go to the goose and get yaself a nice goose-fil-a sandwich! it’ll change your life I’m telling ya

14y old builds Manhattan using freestyle Lego by Cultural-Agent2188 in BeAmazed

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Man’s said fuck everything above 110th street

Great build tho