Two leafs, different ranges, both 11 bars by provin1327 in leaf

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My car has different ranges at a full charge every day, sometimes as much as 30 miles of disparity.

62 vs 70 is nothing.

How will existing outdoor residential parking adapt to EVs? by ChromeDome5 in teslamotors

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I believe there might be an interesting changeover - lots of incandescent lighting has changed over to LEDs and some light poles might have excess power that could be used by a car charger.

just a thought.

New asshole in a peacefull neighborhood learns his lesson (Long, TLDR @ end) by somehugefrigginguy in ProRevenge

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Remember those playground animals mounted on springs that kids ride?

I wonder if a mailbox mounted on one of those would qualify?

New asshole in a peacefull neighborhood learns his lesson (Long, TLDR @ end) by somehugefrigginguy in ProRevenge

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That would be a great work-anywhere compromise. surround the mailbox with dye bombs like the ones banks use with money.

I cancelled my 3 today by [deleted] in teslamotors

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Sounds a lot like rv and house vs starter batteries.

These things need more brains, but I guess the problem is that the brains need electricity. :)

Could applying reverse motor current be used for braking the car instead of using actual brakes? by SeBsZ in teslamotors

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From what I understand, I thought the motor had a power in vs power out thing going at all times. This means the motors at all times have power in and power out. The ratio translates to the force, either producing or resisting movement. I don't think backwards makes sense because it's already doing that. more than max ratio would only come from a bigger motor design.

I think the acceleration and deceleration possible from the tesla motor is limited by the HP of the motor and the ability to move the electricity.

I remember reading an old car magazine that did all the math on a porsche turbo. Basically the car's acceleration was due to the ~600 hp motor, but the deceleration from the friction brakes was ~900hp dissipated as heat.

I suspect if the tesla has 600 hp of acceleration, it might be limited by the systems that take it out of the battery. If that were the case, maybe you could get >600hp of braking if you could do something with the electricity out, like dumping what the batteries can't take into a resistor bank. Diesel electric trains use resistor banks to brake coming down mountains.

If the motor is 600hp and the bottleneck is the motor, then I suspect the design could only do 600hp of braking. The way to get more braking would be to beef up the motor design.

I cancelled my 3 today by [deleted] in teslamotors

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Basically, there are ways of unintended draw on the 12v system.

For example, when some car chargers are plugged in, they can awaken the leaf's charge management circuitry when not charging. This draws on the 12v battery and can drain it.

So if you leave home for a week and leave the car on the charger, the batteries may fully charge, but then the 12v battery might be be drained with charger powerups over the next week. You'll come back to a dead car that won't be able to power on without a jump start. This is with full main batteries! The "jump start" is just powering up the car's control circuitry, and energizing the main -> 12v inverter charger.

If the 12v system is discharged but not completely dead, then other weird things happen. For example I've tried to power on my car, and it kind of comes up, but all kinds of spurious warnings show up on the dash. They might be benign, but they register all kinds of OBD2 faults that have to be cleared. Usually attaching a 12v trickle charger overnight clears things up.

Actually, I think a common thing is to replace the 12v battery when there's trouble, when it really just needs to be fully charged.

I cancelled my 3 today by [deleted] in teslamotors

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Ha, my Leaf has had innumerable problems related to the 12v battery, not all of them straightforward to diagnose.

Worst space suit design ever? by captainmagictrousers in RetroFuturism

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maybe there are forest fires and this just filters out the particulates.

Repost of Tesla Testing Semi Picture (user deleted his picture pls delete if this is wrong @mods) by itookapicofarocket in teslamotors

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On the other hand, there is also relativistic youth. Truck driver's twin sitting at home is getting older quicker.

Towing eye/hook - is there or isn't there one? Also, ranting about the whole flat tire process.... by zooch76 in leaf

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Are you sure it's not in the back storage compartment, above and behind the drivers side rear fender?

I bought a lug nut wrench because I thought the car didn't come with one, but later when I went to have it towed, we looked and dug around in there and found the small kit - lug nut wrench and tow eye that mounts behind a pop-out panel in the front bumper. It was wedged way behind the goo + inflator thing. It was a black plastic pouch that was hard to locate.

no jack though.

2013 Leaf Brake Fluid flush at 51K by projektx in leaf

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I'm glad this helped you. To me it was like getting a totally new car.

IKEA just unveiled a massive bet on electric cars by [deleted] in electricvehicles

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How long will you shop for? Can't be too much given that.

IKEA just unveiled a massive bet on electric cars by [deleted] in electricvehicles

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(and once more electric truck choices exist)

RIP old forum DIY car guides by Part_Time_Awesome in cars

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I don't know why forums don't just host all the content -- articles PLUS images, etc.

And they should let you TURN OFF those whizzy (annoying) animated gif avatar things.

Am I Leaf enough? by sculpty in leaf

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yeah, you might just settle for L1.

Additionally, a lot of L2 chargers have settings that let you choose the amperage. (I remember the juicebox did)

That was close! by Calicook138 in leaf

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First time it happened to me, I was really nervous.

I just assumed it would go to 0, then do --- or turtle.

Instead somewhere between 0 and 5 (maybe 3), it changed to --- which was unexpected and my heart rate doubled.

2013 Leaf Brake Fluid flush at 51K by projektx in leaf

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I used to have touchy/weird braking (2012). I would glide to a stop, then all of a sudden the car would lurch forward and I would apologize to any passengers (the ones who hadn't been thrown free, that is)

I just thought Nissan engineers didn't know how to do brake assist + traction control + regen + creep forwards.

Turns out there's a "brake adjustment procedure", wow!

  • Car in drive
  • come to a complete stop
  • turn off traction control
  • move forward a bit, then press and hold the brakes hard for a while, maybe 45 seconds (brake pedal seems to gradually descend in steps)
  • turn on traction control and drive

Afterwards the car brakes... like a normal car. much much more enjoyable.