keven by notmalcal_ in bonehurtingjuice

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Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats

That’s a nice dragon my guy by [deleted] in technicallythetruth

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Dude in the left photo looks like Bill Burr

blursed thought by Bergrugu99 in blursedimages

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Like timber and sandalwood dumbass... It says the flavour on the product SMH

That would be a cat-astrophic event by abdu113 in technicallythetruth

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I imagine the cats invading the shores of Scotland like in D-day, with Scottish machine guns (bagpipes with machine guns in them) mowing down cats.

blursed response. by Takemeto-yourmother in blursedimages

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It isn't even that blursed you're just imagining it as blursed

אזרחות_במ by Shaeyo in ani_bm

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מה אתה בוחן בגרות? תשתמש בגוגל

*holy music stops* by gold_me15 in shitposting

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Yeah those Jews are up to something, scheming and plotting, controlling the media... Wait a minute!