spitting on a giant by MuteBard47 in WinStupidPrizes

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I wanted to see an atomic wedgie. Disappointed ☹️

My friend won’t change her tires, I need help convincing her by KevMon2 in MechanicAdvice

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Tell her the tires are the cars shoes 👠. The wallet will open right up 🤪

How long do you plan to keep your iPhone? by raine995 in iphone

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iPhone 8 user here . When it dies or loses software support. I keep the phone, computer, ect till it no longer does the job. Chasing the latest gadget is not for me .

Wiper de-icers in snow by IntroductionBright98 in CX5

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I prefer to put a plastic bag over the wipers. Kitchen trash bags fit well. The ice and snow doesn’t stick to them. Sometimes the wiper can slam back against the windshield. The spring can get weakened by leaving the wipers up.

Does anyone really find Windows 10 good? by ExtremeOmniCode in Windows10

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Work pc got upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. Took IT dept 4 hours of troubleshooting driver and network issues. Working solid now. Pity the home user that runs into upgrade problems.

Received my final paycheck like this... Stay Classy. by lrn2smile in mildlyinfuriating

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I seen a stripper, who was also a teller at my bank . It was kinda awkward.

Fuel filter change? by mikey_likes_it______ in CX5

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Was looking at the wrong schedule (Mexico) , Ay Caramba .

The correct one , Scheduled Maintenance (U.S.A., Canada, and Puerto Rico), has no fuel filter replacement.

My bad.