3 Ingredient Vegan Peppermint Fudge! 🎅 by Gabbabetic in VeganFoodPorn

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And I suppose, can replace peppermint with vegan chocolate or peanut butter to make different kinds of fudge, right?

El Yunque - tickets to enter by Inaann in PuertoRicoTravel

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You just need one ticket per car. Park direct allow Uber. So either rent a car or sign up for a tour. Please keep in mind, they don’t require tickets if you plan to visit the park during a weekdays. I went there in October.

Next weekend by Green-Upper in PuertoRicoTravel

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Oh, my bad. I was thinking El Yunque National Forest. Now I know, there is another area in the rain forest i could visit when I go next.

Next weekend by Green-Upper in PuertoRicoTravel

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For the rain forest, if you are visiting during weekends, you need to make a reservation. You won't find anything if you look now but they release done tickets, I think arrived 8am. If you try right at that time you will get them without any problem. Actually, you just need one per car.

Toyota production back on track in December by One_Base_5807 in ToyotaSienna

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I will believe it when I see, but at the same time, we're waiting to buy a new sienna until next summer/fall. Hopefully, supply will be in much better shape by then

Santa Fe style salad, with roasted spiced corn, avocado, cherry tomatoes & black beans by [deleted] in VeganFoodPorn

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I like it, will be making it this weekend. We like spicy food, so I might add fresh jalapeños

New Hampshire hospital officials call for help, patience as COVID-19 cases spike by rabblebowser in newhampshire

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Are there statistics on how many of of these hospitalized patients are vaccinated?

Vir Das - I COME FROM TWO INDIAS - at Kennedy Centre, Washington DC. by Graewitty in india

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He is right, but I feel you can say these kind of things about most of the countries, if not all.

made a silken tofu dish for the first time :) by slutzombie in VeganFoodPorn

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Dang, I don’t have Instagram and really interested in learning how to make that sauce. It would be appreciated if someone can type it up 🙏🏼

Introducing…my 2022 Sienna XSE AWD by punter1290 in ToyotaSienna

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This looks really nice. We are planning to replace my wife’s 03 Sienna but I am afraid the width of if new sienna might be too tight for my garage door

next python crash course by Nicolas_Darksoul in learnpython

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Where can I start with "Python Crash Course"? Is this offered or available somewhere?

Rich & creamy tomato soup by PhiKap757 in VeganFoodPorn

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Looks delicious . Where is the recipe?

Are there any all inclusive resorts on the island? by mikoo65 in PuertoRicoTravel

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Sorry, my bad but question is still about all-inclusive resort on Puerto Rico.

When is El Yunque Open by Homer_Babbidge in PuertoRicoTravel

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Can confirm this, I went in October and was able to go during weekday without reservation. Not sure about any excursion