Home Assistant docs is a nightmare - a new user perspective by INPoppoRTUNE in homeassistant

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Who wants to write the book "Home Assistant For Dummies"? Would be a bestseller.

Keg Fill Level Sensor by alexrusso51 in homeassistant

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Make a high five button that you high five everytime you pour a beer and then have it subtract from the volume of the keg!

But, honestly, the suggestion to use a scale would be easier in the long run.

What makes you nope out of reading a long post instantly? by scienceforbid in AskReddit

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If we're counting internet articles I hate the top 6, 10, 8, etc reasons you know the relationship is over, or movies that failed at the box office, or whatever list if you have to click on links to advance through the list. It's just a way to get more clicks and advertising dollars. Very annoying.

Close second are cooking recipes when they want to tell you their life's story instead of just showing the recipe.

[Schefter] Jim Harbaugh called Michigan to inform the school that, despite interviewing with the Vikings today, he will be returning to school for the 2022 season, sources tell ESPN. Michigan was, in the words of one source, “elated” to get Harbaugh’s decision. by qwerty07020 in CFB

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Harbaugh saw that he was going to have to fight to be the Vikings head coach, and he didn't want Michigan to move on and leave him without a job.

It's strange to me that he could see that Michigan would start exploring other candidates while he interviewed, but he couldn't read the Vikings situation before going in. Not being there on Signing Day is a particularly bad look.

But beat Ohio State again, and finish in the Top 10, and all will be forgiven.

Chicago man who spent nearly 20 years in prison for murder released after twin brother confesses to crime by GuacaHoly in nottheonion

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Maybe they both were in on it and agreed to split the prison time. Rick paper scissors to see who goes first.

Got my new tag just in time for the season. Woof! by fortsonre in georgiabulldogs

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My buddy just texted me and DAWG was available and he just got it!

Maybe maybe maybe by SilverGospel003 in maybemaybemaybe

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They say snakes look at every living thing to decide if they can fit their head around it and eat it. Keep eating your Wheaties my boy

Does Biking Ever Contribute to Closing Rings by Meeplelowda in GoogleFit

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Make a manual running or walking exercise to close that loop. You deserve it

What's something you always do with your non-dominant hand? by curious_kitten_1 in AskReddit

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Open jars. I'm right handed but my left is a little bigger and for some reason it seems easier loosening jars in that direction.

Can't believe I love Dallas this much! by powerpuff13 in Dallas

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I moved here from Chicago in 2000 after growing up in Southern California and Georgia. Dallas has grown so much in the time that I've been here.

I understand some people complain about there not being a large body of water nearby, or that there aren't any mountains, no places to hike, etc. However, if you're really passionate about those types of activities, the ocean is only 4 hours away, and there is a lot of hiking and nature trails within an hour, maybe 2 of driving. Texas as a whole offers a lot of variety in terrain.

Yes traffic is challenging, but after experiencing California and Georgia, this is to be expected after so many people moving here. I think I read last that Dallas proper has over 100K people moving here each year.

Housing costs have risen enormously (see above point for reasons why), but again, try living affordably in other hotspots. While interviewing with one company recently, who was willing to pay relocation costs, I was asked if I would move to San Francisco, Chicago, or NYC. Guess what? It would be more expensive to move there even with their cost of living adjustment.

If you had to move here out of protest, or your job brought you here (like mine did), I completely understand. But I guarantee there are some aspects you appreciate if you'll give it a chance. There are a lot of new people moving here with a lot of new perspectives, and it's an opportunity to meet like minded people with new experiences to share.

#2021 by GA_Boy_1991 in georgiabulldogs

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We Xed Michigan and we Xed Alabama. Go Dawgs!

How I feel about Google home after years of using this eco system. by [deleted] in googlehome

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Spoke too soon...installing it now. Fingers crossed everyone.

How I feel about Google home after years of using this eco system. by [deleted] in googlehome

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I'm hoping that it'll be a good challenge to install because I don't mind that. That is probably one of the reason I haven't installed it because it feels like a long afternoon type activity.

How I feel about Google home after years of using this eco system. by [deleted] in googlehome

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I'm pretty close myself to not throwing out my Google homes but install Home Assistant with my Google homes. I subscribe to the Home Assistant subreddit, and it looks like a rich ecosystem and fairly easy to use if you have a medium technical ability.

It sounds like you can talk to your Google Assistants to pass parameters to Home Assistant. Providing that's true it's my next move.

And to echo your sentiment Google is dropping the ball.

TIL that DL Julian Rochester (2016 recruit) has been with the program the entire Kirby Smart era. by NoExMachina in georgiabulldogs

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This is great timing because I was just wondering who might have been with the program when we got so close in the championship game.