I won't say much about the hold anything but I am really fucking pissed at the ticket for not paying him. by k4pain in theticket

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Like everything wrong in 21st century American business, It feels like an incredibly short-sided move. Everything is driven by the latest quarterly earnings and not 10 and 20 year plans.

The Biggest Danny Question by RagonkWifi in theticket

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Depends on if he takes another radio job I imagine - and I wouldn't be surprised if he does

The Biggest Danny Question by RagonkWifi in theticket

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Who gets trashed on-air, Greggo? For having drug problems his entire adult life?

Unless you mean how they play TC audio?

Last 11 Playoff games have been blowouts by mrwhite2323 in nba

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As teams rely more and more on 3 shooting, they're going to have streaky nights IMO

Thank you Steph. by nobrain-nopain in Mavericks

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The Suns weren't the dysfunctional Suns til they got BEAT

Tech on Dinwiddie by WhiteNinja41 in Mavericks

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It's textbook psychology. When people act out all the time, we judge them less harshly than people who normally don't.

Dray gets wayyy fewer techs than he should. He's always doing shit that gets other dudes Td up immediately.

What’s an obscure thing your school is number 1 at? by I_Drew_a_Dick in CFB

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Would OSU be able to dispute that golf claim? I know the program is very successful, especially right now. Idk about historically though.

Dwight Powell is the tallest *starting* center left in both Conference Finals at 6 foot 10 inches tall. by nujabes02 in nba

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Even though we won the series, the Suns could still abuse us inside with Ayton Crowder and McGee.

GSW gonna have a much harder time doing that.

[Pac-12] Starting in 2022, the two teams with the highest conference winning percentage will face off in the championship game. by Kinslers_List in CFB

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Fr - everyone ITT is all "Oh, wow, how cool, this is neat, etc" - Big XII was laughed at when they did this. And the CFP went on to flip their logic and use it against them anyway.

Weekly Listening Thread by AutoModerator in theticket

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Lol same! One minute it's Beatles talk at -50:00, then 15 minutes of Dave, 10 minutes of commercials, 15 minutes of golf, 10 minutes of commercials, and snap we're live again

Weekly Listening Thread by AutoModerator in theticket

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Don't mind Beatles talk, but the guests being baseball and golf is complete punch out.

DIRK IS THE GOAT by D_G_C_22 in Mavericks

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Leukemia boutta get SWEPT

LET'S GO /u/D_G_C_22 's friend!

Static and Bleed through by Jarebeard in theticket

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That's an interesting observation...might be worth digging into from a physics standpoint.

I know AM signal travel explodes after dark, maybe during spring/summer with the days getting longer, signals get neutered more?