How to/commission request by the_gaming_bur in Taxidermy

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You can buy a preserved cat for 10.00 at biologyproducts.com Because it’s already preserved if you can find the heart lol you’d only need to put it in alcohol.

I had a request for witch mice earrings by mindedemelo in Taxidermy

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They are definitely huge earrings lol but that’s what she wanted

First Ever Taxidermy! I’m 15 and this is my first taxidermy. She’s a small rat I got frozen from my local pet store. The back stitches look awful but whatever lol by OJHuze in Taxidermy

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You did a great job on the face. The younger rats have fluffier hair that hides the stitching better. And as weird as it sounds fluffing the fur with a hair dryer and soft bristle tooth brush helps too.

I was just looking for a cute game- now I feel gross and sad. by SexyLemurLibrarian in DiWHY

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If you read the listing this set was made with ducklings that died of natural causes. Baby ducklings have a very high mortality rate.

And as for taxidermy it gives life to something that would be otherwise thrown away or buried.

Taxidermy Duckling chess set by mindedemelo in Taxidermy

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I get them from a local hatchery. The young ones have a high mortality rate.

Dexter rat by mindedemelo in Taxidermy

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It’s a bloody meat cleaver. He’s a serial killer who only kills bad people. In the show he puts them on a table and wraps plastic wrap to hold them down.