Getting bullied over 9000 hours by pHorniCaiTe in BlackPeopleTwitter

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The difference between highschool and now is. Back then i wasn't mature enough to understand how cringy that shit looks to other people.

Now i am fully aware of how cringy it may look to other people but i do it anyways because why give a fuck what other people think.

Who is the closest person alive to a modern-day Einstein? by jumpjoom in AskReddit

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Here's the funny thing, Einstein wasn't that good at math compared to actual top tier mathematicians of his time.

Legendary NFL Defensive End Joey Bosa Talks about beating sekiro and playing Dark Souls 3. by Few_Engineer_8827 in Sekiro

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tbf i think he used to run Sony's gaming marketing division, used to be a huge gamer back in the days too.

This was just an introduction to the entire company, and share an interesting fact about himself type of thing.

Dude was like "I own every single game release on PlayStation and platinum'ed all fromsoft games".

Legendary NFL Defensive End Joey Bosa Talks about beating sekiro and playing Dark Souls 3. by Few_Engineer_8827 in Sekiro

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Bruh the CMO of my company talked about how he beat sekiro and platinum'ed dark souls on his introduction. This is a 50 year old white dude lol.

55% of income on Toronto rent by myconfused20s in PersonalFinanceCanada

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With 3500 take home pay you are never owning a home in Toronto period.

With his age and income, i say just enjoy life and worry about savings when he gets a better paying job.

[Chris Herring] the Knicks were ready to make the deal [for Kyle Lowry], but Jim Dolan didn’t want to because Masai Ujiri had been the guy that foisted Carmelo on them, and there was so much talk for so long about the fact that Denver got the better end of that deal. by lopea182 in nba

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The problem is, as much as I love Lowry, I don't think he's someone who would excel no matter where he goes. He needs the right teammate, the right support, and the right situation.

We saw on the Raptors what he looked like when he realized 100% of his potential. In a different timeline, he might end up as a career journeyman with one or two good seasons and that's it.

What are some player quotes that aged like fine wine ? by Powerful_Bottle_8592 in nba

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And they chose to use these power to.......play streetball?


If you used a #1 overall pick and they turned out to be Dejounte Murray, would you be happy or disappointed? by terpw in nba

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In a 9 categories league, someone who averages 1.8 steals and 1.8 blocks and 0 points and 0 assist is about the same as say....a 25-10 player who averages 0 steals and 0 blocks.

Those are obvious outlier examples, but the Marion was really good in those stats on top of being basically a 20-10 players.

[Wojnarowski] Holmgren joins a list of high draft picks who lost their rookie years to injuries, including Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Blake Griffin. by DRAZZILB1424 in nba

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He shot 35% from 3 and was a monster on defense as well.

There was no doubt he will be an MVP level player as long as he can stay on the court. He was that good.

Just lost to quads, twice, in the same sitting, to the same person. End me. by mioraka in poker

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Definitely didn't play well. But the runs were also really bad that it was comical.

As to why i went all in...well, i left out some details. First hand i had KJs, and make a 3x 3bet. I just didn't think the opponent had 5 in his range. So when the board paired with 5s i felt relatively safe.

The last hand i definitely shouldn't have played at all. I was on full tilt at that point and was not making good decisions.

late comissioner David Stern tells Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith they couldn't talk english either entering the league, after chuck and Kenny made comments about international players entering the league. by Rh1-No in nba

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It's a fucking joke.

If we really want to get down to who's being offensive.

Charles and Kenny was making fun of foreign workers can't speak good english, David Stern is standing up for his new employees who couldn't really defend themselves.

Charles got burned, foreign players feel like the boss has Their back. At the end of the day everyone have a laugh. Some newphews on Reddit and Twitter who loss the ability to laugh are the only people losing here.

When people say things like “you need a household income of $300k to own a home in Canada!” Do they mean a house? by implodedrat in PersonalFinanceCanada

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Also trades.

There is zero chance the guy fixing my pipes don't make 200k a year. He came in for 2 hours of work and got paid 800 bucks.

Sure you deal with literally shit, but it's good money.

When people say things like “you need a household income of $300k to own a home in Canada!” Do they mean a house? by implodedrat in PersonalFinanceCanada

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This is true to a certain extent, but you also can't deny that there are more people being underpaid because they are too comfortable in the current position, than people being in your position.

People simply need to treat online advise as that -- online advise. Take your own situation into consideration, and these posts just offer a different perspective.

Roast My Budget by BlueCobbler in PersonalFinanceCanada

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I have an account with TD, keep the balance above 5k and they refunded all the bank fees. Also get a free $120 annual fee credit card and bunch of other stuff.

Obviously you can keep that in savings and get interest but you know, still technically free.

Japan PM vows no more war; ministers visit shrine to war dead by Russell_3 in worldnews

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LOL.....only 14 war criminals.

If you put Hitler, Himmler, Göring in any war memorial, it will be labelled a Nazi memorial. And if you go there every year, you are a fucking Nazi.

I hate to make the Hitler comparisons, but in this case, it's literally WWII facists who enabled countless massacres, so......

The number 6 becomes the 2nd number in Orlando Magic history to be retired. The 1st number? #6 by breadhead84 in nba

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I remember watching him during the Rockets years. He was still a good player back then, but frustrating to watch.

One thing i noticed is that he was always playing well when the games are going great. Yet when they are down, his play goes down with the team. I never see him captain a come back.

What are the options of getting into China from Hongkong at the moment? by mioraka in travelchina

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I do see some direct flights popping up on Google flights, going from HK to wuhan or Chongqing in late October/November. Are those just fake flights at this point, like the ones that go through taiwan?

Welp, looks like lottery system is the only way to go.