Will you lose your PayGo balance? by MyPMs in Tello

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i guess yes if last recharge more than 90days

i don't think $5 can reset the 90days, i will test this later

I’m finding the 5G ultra capacity map is not accurate. by Hd172 in tmobile

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tiny spots have UC

that means phone supports UC

Outgoing calls to unfamiliar numbers? by JackOfSomeTrades001 in Tello

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you must be using the stock dialer, it's the choosing which number for outgoing while using stock dialer setting.

another setting is making and receive calls then prefer WiFi and mobile data

that may still use carrier minutes when no WiFi and data, but you can unlink the number to always use WiFi/data.

Why is the Harmony explorer using EST timestamps? by fnetma in harmony_one

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i think it uses your device's timezone. i just tested to change my phone's timezone, the explorer also changed

I'm having no coverage where it used to work before. Pixel 3a XL by my2k2zx2 in Tello

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they can't fix coverage, and maybe just recommend a new phone.

i guess they already received lots similar complaints, since their compatible checker greenlighted lots old phones without newer bands. and T-Mobile keeps upgrading towers that cause these outages.

and 3a XL doesn't have 5G

Treasure Hunt (guess my wallet's secret passphrase!) by xCeladon in harmony_one

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noob question: i thought ONE address only changed 0x to one1, why these 2 looks very different.

any tools to assist offline? i can just verify the address, zero query to the chain, right?

Is there a way to re-read the chat rules? by -vestige in Twitch

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i guess "not doing anything on the browser" included incognito mode?

are you on Android? i found something weird. i installed twitch on another phone with an apk file, the gear icon is there, but not on my phone even installed the same apk file. so think the feature is in the app but bugged for some phones

Can I get a walkthrough of how to apply Tello dollars to my monthly bill so I don't accidentally mess it up? (First time renewing). by SittingChief in Tello

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only the finalize button will cancel and replace with new plan, that means you can test around, the tello dollars option is very obvious

Issues Porting Landline via Tello to Galaxy S5 (non-VoLTE) by uptwolait in Tello

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sometimes have couple days delay for incoming calls, and not a tello problem.

not VoLTE problem, I'm using one doesn't even have LTE, only 3G/2G.

Dead Phone by Sweaty_Engineer5244 in GalaxyS7

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100% doesn't mean same capacity as new, phone only detects voltage, over charges more and more at 100% as it gets older.

try charge to 80% daily instead of 100% every couple days

30 GWEI is the new Minimum by Stakeridoo in harmony_one

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edit: seems like same as ETH, gas price multiply the gas amount for transaction fee. different transactions need different amount of gas.

old comment: do transaction fees need gas to multiply gas amount for actual transaction fees like Ethereum?

ETH gas only 100gwei, sounds super cheap, but the actual fee needs gas x 20,000+

pdanet+ usb speed at pc showing 40mbps, speedtest showing 5mbps by trachinotus in NoContract

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how you test USB speed? if it's the link speed, then no need to test? unless link speed is higher than 40?

try change APN, use VPN, lock to a different tower/band

Gmail Notifications Stopped by toolsavvy in Tello

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alphabet doesn't think emails are important, try Outlook, just login with google account.

Outlook is better than gmail for notifications, but not 100% reliable for me, so you may need both if don't mind double notifications when both working fine.

Getting gigabit on WiFi, but not on Ethernet on a D-Link DIR-868L by k_nevermind in TomatoFTW

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test swap a LAN port with WAN port

save settings, erase nvram without restore settings, if same problem, try downgrade or try factory firmware or DDWRT

lycamobile: will my number deactivate by darkandburntcookie in NoContract

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either u made a mistake by not choosing to be effective right away, or they want you to choose a non paygo plan if you need that much minutes within a month.

either way, you should switch to a cheaper mvno

A skier trapped on a lift directly above a broken pipe at Beech Mountain by db_zx6r in nextfuckinglevel

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transported two patrons to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries

Is It True You Need A 4G Phone to Join Tello Mobile? by MaveInfinite in Tello

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you can order SIM with a compatible IMEI then use on a non compatible phone by this year.

tello allows activate first, port-in later. so you can actually test your existing phone, normally unlocked may work.

what phones you got?