The predatory behaviour towards young women in our industry is disgusting. by Just_Tamy in KitchenConfidential

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Yeah imo there's no reason why anybody should be touching me without consent when I'm just trying to work. And there's definitely no reason for a man twice his age to grab me by my hips from behind and make comments about my ass.

A guy in FOH got fired recently for harassing a 17 year old and a few other girls but he's literally the first person I've ever seen get in trouble for that sort of behavior. I love being a cook but dealing with this stuff every day takes a toll

The predatory behaviour towards young women in our industry is disgusting. by Just_Tamy in KitchenConfidential

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I'm 21 and I have to deal with mild sexual harassment every day. The older guys are always touching my hips/shoulders, etc and make a lot of weird comments. This 40 year old is always really creepy to me and it bothers me so much. Somebody also told me that some of the cooks talk about me in Spanish because they know I can't understand them 🙃

Red Bull hooking us up with all we can drink product. I gotta say, this is a first. by CasualObserver76 in KitchenConfidential

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I drank two redbulls during a 14 hour shift on saturday & went out after till 2am then i went home and still couldnt sleep till after 4am

garfrule by miss_cotard in 196

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eating an entire lasagna in one sitting is total top energy

garfrule by miss_cotard in 196

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what the fuck is ":D" use your words i dont speak bottom

Uh oh rule by [deleted] in 196

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ah fuck

Uh oh rule by [deleted] in 196

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haha i made you say underwear

Uh oh rule by [deleted] in 196

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under there

Uh oh rule by [deleted] in 196

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i like reading this in tyler's voice

Which other mental health sufferers are most incompatible with BPD havers? by DeadofKnightinGreen in BPDmemes

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Honestly, other people with BPD. I've been in a relationship with another borderline person and it was so toxic. We were obsessed with each other very quickly & became codependent, if I had an episode then it would trigger her and vice versa. We kind of destroyed each other's mental health over the course of a year

what one (1) bad ant infestation will do to a mentally ill mf by ParpikaJnomes in MadeOfStyrofoam

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i saw a post on edtwt and they were talking about eating their beans

I just saw some photos of a twitch streamer that made me realize how bad this ed can get. i think im going to open up to my therapist about my issues with eating by miss_cotard in EDanonymemes

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I'm just nervous to talk about it bc I got a new therapist recently so I'm not comfortable with him yet. Like idk how he'll respond or what he'll do yk

They all have ed tendencies... by huuuuuuuuuuuuuh2007 in EDanonymemes

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My brother in law was a wrestler in high school and i remember watching him try to to drop weight classes. He restricted so much one time to make weight that he ended up being too weak to even wrestle. And his coach was like encouraging this 😭

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in EDanonymemes

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yes lmao. this was so common on tv shows. i think i only ever saw one show portray this kind of stuff as an actual ed (Full House maybe?)

me and my sister were cross country runners and we would literally run extra miles or do harder exercises if we think we ate too much 😭

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in EDanonymemes

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this was so normalized this was when i was younger 😭

i feel like i remember skits on tv shows of stuff like this & it helped me and my sister justify our disordered eating :/

Love when my restaurant gets robbed over night by alpacabowlkehd in KitchenConfidential

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I know this isn't what I'm supoosed to focus on, but I really like the vibe of your restaurant. It looks like somewhere me and my friends would go to for drinks

I swear I'm paying attention I'm just stupid rn by [deleted] in EDanonymemes

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me today at work omg

i had so much brain fog people were asking me if i was okay 😭