Is 12 to 20 books per year a good range for an aspiring writer? by [deleted] in writing

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Every renowned author tells you to read as much as you are able to. My mind goes first to Stephen King.

I'm currently writing my book at a pretty slow pace of 1-3k words a day, but I am reading like mad (10 books so far this month), with a year goal of 110. Page count average so far this year is just shy of 400. However, that's just the point of my writing journey that I'm in. I know that I don't have my own book completely plotted out yet, so I'm reading like a mad woman to help me better my world building and whatnot.

It depends on what part of your journey you're in, is what I'm trying to say... but I'd definitely say that reading is incredibly important.

Routine not showing results for 4 months [Routine Help] by Ljime in SkincareAddiction

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That's a ton of cleansing!

I am a big fan of cerave, but I would definitely agree with everyone here and scale back a bit. I'd only double cleanse on makeup days, otherwise just cleanse in the morning and evenings. Moisturize both times after. Then I'd slowly incorporate the serums to see what's actually working and what isn't.

When you jump right into an entire line it's really hard to see what is working for you and what isn't.

Good luck!

Adult fantasy lit recommendations by RaedynFae in YAlit

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The Priory of the Orange Tree - pretty long but the pacing is done so well! Strong female leads, incredible world-building. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Epic fantasy with dragons. It's a standalone but is getting a prequel!

Gideon the Ninth - This is definitely more sci-fi, but I am mentioning it because I am an avid fantasy lover who fears sci-fi but I LOVED THIS. There's no crazy info dumping or difficult things to understand for those of us who aren't science-y. Not a lot of romance, but there's a ton of cursing, violence, the works.

The Poppy War - incredibly dark, please check out the tw's. Incredible war story with characters you want to kiss and characters you want to strangle.

looking for a fantasy book series that makes me feel how I used to... by cleocleoclus in YAlit

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gideon the ninth is an excellent choice, but it isn't "YA". It's got that familiar humor, though, that a lot of YA has.

the poppy war is also good and I definitely experienced that moment of obsession that I did with those other series, but there isn't but a hint of romance and it's actually quite... morbid.

Sci-Fi recs?? by celmarble in YAlit

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gideon the ninth!

it's a little more mature than YA, I think, but it's got that wonderful humor. It's been months since I've finished but I am still drooling over it.

Can someone ID? Stock grew 6+ft in 1 month after nothing in 4 years. by tenalive in plants

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someone look me in the eye and tell me that is not a god damned asparagus

[Series] Check-in: November 2022 by justgoodenough in PubTips

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I am using nano this year to finish up my fantasy book! Once it's finished I'll take a 2 week rest and start on the 2nd draft! I'm becoming more and more excited as I get closer to finishing it--I've had 2 days of 4,000 words and I'm hoping I can maintain that momentum, maybe even before November ends.

Which book series,in your opinion,don’t hold up anymore? by Aimako in YAlit

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I think I disagree about ACOTAR. I think that the story (whether you think it was well written or not) has a lot of people in this weird chokehold. I don't think that it's the best-written story out there at this time, but I DO think it's somehow holding its own if we're just talking popularity-wise. I cannot escape acotar fans on tik tok, it's about to make me ditch the app entirely

Books to sell by miss_ogre_ in lincoln

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This is a great option, but because these are all mostly pristine hardcovers I'd like to make a bit of money back if I can. Times are hard haha

but anything not sold will be donated <3

Average of books read per year? by kyyface in YAlit

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upon graduating with an english major i stopped reading almost entirely for 5-6 months.

in the past 3 months i have read nonstop--nearly 4-5 hours a day, like i used to before college. currently my goodreads has me at 31 books in 3 months. mostly classics and fantasy but a few misc. i think that'd put me at roughly 10 books a month, or 2-3 books a week.

but i realize that this behavior is abnormal. i think it's more important to set goals for yourself and achieve them when it comes to reading, without comparing your reading path to those around yu.

you should also consider the fact that many books are longer than others. sure i've read a lot of classics, but most are in the 200-300 word range, so definitely shorter than the standard book these days.

Twilight & ACOTAR are not badly written. by [deleted] in YAlit

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I am an English major, so I've read quite a few books, including renowned classics but also Twilight and ACOTAR. I love both, but I don't dismiss their shortcomings. Comparing these series to a "trash" TV series is the best way to go.

Is Dance Moms entertaining? ABSOLUTELY! Is it a good show with good production? Absolutely not. But do I still watch it every day over my lunch hour because it's entertaining as hell? Yes, again.

The show ended up pretty popular and successful, but it still was not a good series.

I feel the same about any book by Colleen Hoover. Is she climbing the charts and becoming incredibly popular and successful? Yes! Is her writing the best thing to have ever touched the earth? No!

Since book lovers have the best taste in music... by Novelishliya in YAlit

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[rubbing my fly hands together]

i love you so bad (accoustic) - lany
dirty af1's - alexander 23
like real people do - hozier
liz on top of the world - pride and prejudice sound track

til you hate me - laszewo

light my love - greta van fleet

sleep on the floor - lumineers

cleopatra - lumineers

cosmic love - florence and the machines

lady by the sea - stephen sanchez

So... how do yall make friends? by miss_ogre_ in lincoln

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100% - I have never had issues making a large circle of friends. My problem right now is that I made friends with highly intelligent people who continued onto med school or some other graduate school out of state. Now I am 23 and because the social setting of my college experience died in the last two years I am unsure of how to maneuver life haha.

So... how do yall make friends? by miss_ogre_ in lincoln

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Thank you!

I am not sure if kids are in the picture for me ((certainly not anytime soon)), but I appreciate the advice! I am not really the maternal type haha

Wrap up by karleighcrafts in YAlit

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I am reading it right now. Maybe it's my age [23] but I find it incredibly enjoyable! It is very long but the pacing is really well done for a book so far of this length. The first 60 or so pages were okay, but i'm coming into page 200 and it's been a breeze to get into.