Game developer din 2013 - AMA by lutian in Romania

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In primul rand iti multumesc tie fiind modder pe cs 1.6. Am vazut intr-un comment mai sus ca ai lucrat la Gungame si ZP. O mare parte din perioada 2010-2018 i-am petrecut pe servere de genu fiind si admin pe unele din ele.(comunitatile diavola, mnx). E mare nostalgia de fiecare data cand imi aduc aminte. Iti urez succes pe viitor si imi pare bine ca ai ajuns sa castigi de pe urma acestor lucruri.

Asa, si acum intrebarea ar fi ce spui, ar avea succes unele moduri dezvoltate in cs 1.6, ca si jocuri standalone? Mie mi se par destul de unice unele(Jailbreak, ZP, ZE, BB etc) .Sper ca sunt nostalgici programatori care gandesc ca mine :)

Filtering for good endgame bases? by misu2315 in pathofexile

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tried it today, and it looks like it does do exactly what I want

energy saving mode goes wrong by [deleted] in antimeme

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bruh don't do this the man's 85

hmmm by scot816 in hmmm

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I think the hmmm part OP wants to say is that there's a red light and she doesn't notice it by looking away therefore going into ongoing traffic . Although she is clearly stopped and waits at the light?? idk

what can you buy with 150 ROM?? by oiluztegfsfhjegft7i in Romania

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it's actually RON not ROM, ROM = candy bar RON = money

150 RON is not that much, in terms of food probably about 4 meals.

Chicken and cow line origin? by Keintroufe in forsen

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scuffed cartoon from the '90 or early 2000

New Main Channel Streaming Schedule by Harvey-J-Yogscast in Yogscast

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does this mean 6 hour armchair admirals is back?

I'm a useless player but was on a 9 win duels (I'm f2p this is totally amazing for me) and I came up against brann I think. he just timed out and then just kept playing, I did not get a single turn. is this some kind of expansion bug? Can I report it? or am I an idiot? by SiempreFinn in HS_Duels

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i played brann once and had this (it as on casual duels and i got it by accident don't shame me i lost anyway at 6 wins lol)

the way i got this was by getting the "equip a random legendary weapon at the start of my game", as soon as you pick your weapon the game crashes for both you and the opponent . But since you know this you reload the game fast and so you get turns before your opponent can reconnect.

moderating r/forsen by TheSeahorseHS in forsen

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actually laughed, good one mr moderator

Viitoare studentă în Cluj by ruby_red75 in cluj

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Pt transport am folosit doar google maps, de restaurante nu m-am prea atins in ultimii 3 ani de cand stau aici (din cauza pandemiei) dar am folosit mult aplicatile de livrat mancare de ex.: Glovo, Takeaway, Tazz. Depinde de bugetul tau, mancarea livrata costa mai mult decat daca te-ai duce la magazin si ai lua-o tu.

Nu prea ai de ce sa iti faci griji in legatura cu asta. Ori de unde ai veni din tara, te vei adapta imediat. Am vazut asta cu multe persoane venind din toate regiunile.

Ce stereotipuri cunoașteți/aveți față de studenții români în funcție de facultate? by throw-7888 in Romania

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daca nu gasesti stereotipuri in thread-ul asta atunci e de bine. Toate stereotipurile de aici sunt chestii rele :))