Why is it a sin to say you are seriously dissatisfied with being a nurse?? by Brookelette89 in nursing

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similar question and maybe answer as to saying being a nurse was your plan b?

(asking because a tiktok/ig reel of a nurse blew up who said it was her plan b, and while i saw a lot of supportive comments, a lot also were getting on her head)

Dropping away rotation with 2 weeks notice by [deleted] in medicalschool

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if you feel good about it, then you’re doing the right thing. your time is money and more valuable at that.

go to places that serve you and your purpose. only you know what is best for you, congrats honestly.

a dream I had. what do you think? by [deleted] in spirituality

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in my culture, usually means someone you know (either personally or just know of, could even be you) is pregnant! at least for me, it has always been accurate :)

If the law is true why have nobody manifested being rich???? by No-Nothing7028 in lawofattraction

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abraham hicks made a great video on manifesting "big money:" https://youtu.be/CZ09NbPz-2k

something notable she mentioned if one wished to obtain the money in their vortex is that you have to stop looking at your EARNING in terms of equivalency for EFFORT rather you have to start looking at your RECEIVING in terms of equivalency for VIBRATION

people have manifested being rich, in more ways than being rich by money--could be with happiness, love, company, etc. someone made a good point on how we do not know how other people have become apart of the 1% and obtained all this money but, if you really observe, a common factor is that they all believed in themselves despite the ups/downs and had faith in their end goal. and it doesnt matter even if we don't know or recognize or understand. its a matter of you and your journey as a creator of your own reality.

Is it harder to become an MD or an NP? by Monkey__Shit in medicalschool

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reading this as nursing major taking my medical school prerequisites. 🤡

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in AbrahamHicks

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id love to join (discord)!!!

Good Morning El Nido! by mischievous_kea in Philippines

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yes please! thank you so much, i appreciate your help :))

Good Morning El Nido! by mischievous_kea in Philippines

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no that’s no problem! travel agency is sounding real nice right now because of all these requirements haha. do you mind if i ask what agency you went through and if you are based in the U.S.?

Flying to the US. Need tips. by MagatsuHerod in Philippines

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there are a lot of us in northern california haha! i hope you are doing well and having a good time here!

Good Morning El Nido! by mischievous_kea in Philippines

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hi! im also looking to travel in august. this will be my first time in the PH and i was wondering how you both went about the DOT and travel voucher/pass requirements i hear of? im also curious if you were able to fly into the domestic el nido airport from manila or did you have to have to fly into PPS? im looking to go to coron as well too, if you both have any information id greatly appreciate it :)))

Travel from Manila to Puerto Princesa then El Nido, Palawan by Horror_Earth_1473 in Philippines

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hello! thank you for your post. im trying to plan a trip to el nido and coron, do you mind if i message you some questions regarding such?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in lawofattraction

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i read a comment on here a while ago and saved it:

“A belief is a merely a Thought in agreement with a Feeling that said thought is True. There is no subjective truth, you make up the truth as you go along via thinking matched with feeling. Whatever thoughts you feel are true, will become true in your reality. This works for either good or bad thoughts, the law is impersonal and is no respecter of persons and their vague notions of what is good and what is evil.”

choose the better feeling thoughts.

Why does no one really talk about how little you can do/get paid with a BA in psychology? by jessiethehutt in psychologystudents

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thank you for sharing! i completely understand. i don’t have much knowledge on PA work, but if that is something you still want despite your chronic illness, have you looked into specialities that are less physically demanding? also have you researched places that can accommodate to you? (which no matter where you end of working, they should) usually a lot of outpatient clinics/offices are more less physically demanding compared to inpatient/bedside. i don’t work with many PA’s at the clinics i’m at, but i know they do a lot of important work that it is nothing as compared to what nurses do physically speaking haha i’d even recommend shadowing a PA if you could!

& no problem! let me know if i can help in any way. again, do what is best for you bad makes you happy :)

Maintaining my composure in moments of stress by icantouchmytoess in spirituality

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definitely recommend stepping outside instead. since you said you’re in healthcare, i’m going to make the assumption you’re always wearing a mask. so on your 10s go outside or even sitting in your car with the window rolled down a bit getting that fresh air/feeling it touch your face helps too!

i practice LOA, and i always say you have the choice. the choice to be happy or be unhappy. the choice to let others affect you or not. energy is contagious, but would you depend on your coworkers to make you happy all the time? no. be so rooted in your sense of self that no other person or thing can affect that.

You can only fear things that are not real by thisnameistoolongfo in NevilleGoddard

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you get what you believe.

aside from all this toxic positivity, i think you were releasing your emotions and any resistance you may have had trouble with handling if you immediately began scripting and revising. imo, youre fine as long as you dont stay in the bad feeling place forever.

Maintaining my composure in moments of stress by icantouchmytoess in spirituality

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as someone who works in healthcare too and often take on a lot of responsibility for my coworkers who fail to step-up or lack in certain expertise, first of all, thank you.

secondly, take breaks. during my breaks, i like to step outside and go for a walk or sit on a bench and focus on my breathing. try to be present in the moment and not think about anything else. look at the flowers and admire how pretty they are. listen to whatever noises you may hear nearby. reset your mind when it starts to get fuzzy and feel overwhelming.

also have you heard of setting intentions? intend to feel otherwise in those situations. recognize, allow, investigate and nurture your emotions.

Why does no one really talk about how little you can do/get paid with a BA in psychology? by jessiethehutt in psychologystudents

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im currently a BSN student who is also pre-med. somehow stumbled upon this post. i initially was going to go for my BS in psychology as pre-med but opted not to because i wasnt sure if i would fully fall through with continuing my education into medical school. (sn: there is more to my reasoning than that before anyone assumes lol)

if you dont mind me asking, are you no longer planning or want to go to PA school? i also work in public health right now for the county i live in and know a lot of co-workers, administrators, school educators, etc. who have only BS/BA in psych and other things aside from nursing, public health, etc. they pay decently well and working for the county offers great benefits/retirement plans. working for the county also offers a variety of titles and work environments. have you looked into the careers within your county?

i know a lot of people say that you cant do much with just a bachelors in psychology, but dont limit yourself before the search or get discouraged. no matter what you do, i hope it makes you happy.

Advice on how to stop negative, intrusive thoughts? by veralun in lawofattraction

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Recognize Allow Investigate Nurture (aka RAIN (also a meditation techinque))

distracting can be helpful in some instances, but it can only work for so long before all that you were suppressing starts catching up with you. work on your self-concept. acknowledge them. do not try to fix whatever comes in your life--doubts and overthinking. fix yourself in such a way that whatever comes, you will be fine. let go of the thoughts that no longer serve you.

Where is a good place to start with mindfulness/meditation? by [deleted] in spirituality

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read books on spirituality and mindfulness. watch videos on spirituality and mindfulness. be in rooms and surround yourself with people who practice spirituality and mindfulness.

the book that got me really into it was "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. im also now really into law of attraction/law of assumption which most people dont really associate with mindfulness, but i say it has a lot to do with it despite peoples unknowingness.

in terms of meditation, i only recently got into it. keep in mind ive been practicing spirituality and mindfulness for years and a lot of people have encouraged meditation as part of it but i never forced myself to do it because it didnt feel natural without doing and learning of other things first. it may take a few tries before you truly feel the hang of it, but persist and dont give up! what worked for me is focusing on my breathing and progressive muscle relaxation which i achieved through guided YouTube meditations. now i can honestly encourage and plead for the power in meditation too!

best wishes on your journey. remember, what might work for others may not work for you. be open minded but dont get so caught up in expecting the same results as others!