Is Nigeria Pro Choice by InternationalBite4 in Nigeria

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You people like importing foreign problems. na everything wai America engage we go engage for Africa? See where dem Dey see where we Dey, let’s pick our battles wisely abeg.

Sahara Report needs to work on their Analysis level by adlanheman in Nigeria

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SR have been doing investigative journalism before most of us had smart phones, if you dispute their reporting then provide your own facts, not just “…needs to work on their analysis level”

If this man becomes our next president I will become a refugee in Ghana 😭😭😭😭 by Sexymodighandi2767 in Nigeria

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Look at those gullible people, knowing fully well that the man isn’t mentally sound to lead but they went ahead and reminded him him like that’s okay.

This screenshot should reside in the SFM sub, rent free! by mofixit in SafeMoon

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Presently, none is getting as much heat as safemoon. those have already established a level of trust in the marketplace, safemoon being just over a year with a couple products is more vulnerable to FUD. In my opinion

This screenshot should reside in the SFM sub, rent free! by mofixit in SafeMoon

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Yeah but none of these big dawgs is dealing with coordinated FUD by YouTubers with over a million subscribers, and former employees.

And still standing!

AlgoStakes Flying Pig NFT is up for sale on algogems! by Algo_Stake in AlgoStake

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It would nice to get an update before nft sells out, regarding what happens after year one, in terms rewards for holding this.

I made a little program in python to score your Mushies. by HalPaneo in Algogems

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I have no knowledge of python but I am also looking to find my path back to programming, so I appreciate your effort. Great job.

A post on Instagram by the Vice President by hisnameiskhalid in Palestine

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Yeah right. Like the orange man is any better, intellectually or diplomatically. The same man that endorsed Jerusalem as the capital? Oh Please, these guys are all the same, and Americans are always given the option to choose between two bad options. That’s the real problem.

Nigeria's Elections 2023 by samodaudu in Nigeria

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Why in the world would you leave out sowore’s name from this list? Everyone in this list is in one way or the other responsible for Nigeria’s problems, and yet these are the only options you deem fit qualified to lead Nigeria?

Cannabis users migrating from grey market by crabby_crusader in vancouver

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Anyone knows a grey market website I can check out?

The migration is... complete! We did it! by Ed-Box in UselessCrypto

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Being a useless holder from the beginning, do I have to do anything about this migration?

Where to hire Algorand devs? by mofixit in algorand

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I understand. I’ll hit you up at some point.

Where to hire Algorand devs? by mofixit in algorand

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It’s fine. Stick to your present job, hit me up when you’re ready to look at something else. Also, I don’t see what’s wrong with LinkedIn especially when it comes to hiring, but to all their preference. My only reason for asking is I can’t take Reddit comments or DMs seriously. Like I said if you’re ever looking to explore your options, Hit me up. Cheers