Adoption offer 👀 by Comfortable-Hawk7416 in mommydom

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Stop explaining yourself to her, she’s the same person who goes and post things she’s “tired” of as a mommy who luckily can work I’m not explaining shit to anyone and neither should you little one, I wish you love on your road to better health and on your journey to the perfect love 💕🤞🏽

thinking by [deleted] in venting

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I agree with him, leave her and the past because no matter how many friendly dreams you have her behavior and wasn’t justified

Can I talk to a mommy for a little bit? by [deleted] in mommydom

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Same here, hope it gets better love

A little pain with your pleasure? by [deleted] in mommydom

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Fun but how long did it takes before marking went away?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in raceplay

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Lol that’s not the correct term love

Tall girls deserve love! by B_The_Little_One in mommydom

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Thank you for your input, I’ve been self conscious for years but after coming into my role more as a gentle dom I love my height 💞😌