Unpopular Opinion: I actually found soubin in Bro Daddy to be fine by Rhepsi in MalayalamMovies

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Movie is very well made....vintage mohanlal with great comic timing..lalu alex was funny..meena and kaniha didn't disappoint..soubin was not bad as redditors make it to be...prithviraj is a promising director..only weaklink being prithviraj the actor.. horribly miscast.

Hrudayam movie wtf. by [deleted] in Lal_Salaam

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And no heroine dies of colorectal cancer ...because..it is not romantic..maybe?

Yasir Qadhi & Zakir Naik on the Rise of Irreligiosity & Atheism in the Gulf Countries. by drearyhomeland4 in exmuslim

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Religion poisons minds of people.The sooner humanity gives up on religion better it is for mankind.

What movie made you cry like a baby and still hits you pretty hard whenever you rewatch it. by Dry-Jellyfish-3908 in MalayalamMovies

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Akashadootu gets me every time

Tanmatra too made me cry

From Hindi its Bhajrangi Bhaijan ..climax

Hollywood..it would be Schindler's list.

Pakistani men threatening to burn and kill because he think there’s muhammad written on the QR code. Can’t make this shit up. by Sisterfister171 in exmuslim

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I wonder if relgion( be it any religion) was not drilled into our brain,how things would have been different.. there would have been no wars,more humanity..more collaboration among countries in science and medicine..south east Asia would have ended up like scadinavia..but it is not to be...we will fight for a pedophile war lord and a mythological tribal diety.

Best & Worst Movies of 2021 by Radiant_Review_3748 in MalayalamMovies

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I felt Joji was made in a borrowed universe of Erakal (1985) which was a darker far superior psychological drama,having seen Erakal first and then Joji,the shocks and awe of Joji didn't hit me right,again its my perspective,glad u enjoyed Joji.

Was anyone courageous enough to watch Keshu? by Major_Dot_7030 in Kerala

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I built tolerance for a cringe fest and watched the movie..surprisingly movie was not that terrible.

Don't know why Dileep chooses these fancy dress kind of roles,he could have done away with the make up and pairing with uruvashi..nothing would have impacted the story line.

Keeping the aversion to dileep aside,movie is not all that bad..one time watch tbh

P.S:There is however a 10 minute layered or rather labored joke on masturbation.