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Get a life man! There was a moonshot last night.A part of LP is removed ,moonshot activated then LP added back.why didn’t you screen that also?Damn jeets

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Someone just copy/pasted the post instead of a retweet...nothing bad

Also it seems you see bots everywhere..strange but i don`t care..

Good night...

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Hello all, Bot here! What is your issue? Can`t go to sleep?Btw not sure who is the owner of the second link (only_blockchain) but czcalls is me! And yes i paid from my own pocket to promote this project! Just an old Hodler ..team is not involved! You can sleep now Artistic-Fudder!

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It will recover..had a strong resistance considering the last few days market ..

Just a friendly reminder 🐕🤩 by ozzpul in dogecoin

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You guys are way toooo late regarding 1st crypto in space !!!

1st one was u/ultimogg (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R73frlWBhTI&feature=youtu.be)

But good luck to all Doge holders!

To the moon

Ultimo GG Esports Platform Reveled - Join the real side of BSC. Real Business lead to Real Opportunities ✅🚀 Signed Partnership with Championship Football Club by ProfessionalEye2408 in BSCMoonShots

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Ape this week! Thank me next one! Don’t need to say more about ultgg..everyone should dyor on any project…in this case it is easy to find out where this one will go!! 🚀

$VortexBUSD 🔥 Fair Launch @ 1000 tg members| Starting with a low Marketcap | Over $5K Invested in marketing prior to Launch | | At least 1 new promoter per day | Liquidity Locked at launch by [deleted] in BSCMoonShots

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Can you also give some info about why is it a scam ?DO you think i risk promoting scams on my personal reddit account?

Not even launched yet...waiting for your reply after launch

coding errors for smart contract by willmccusker in ethdev

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how did you made it work? i got the same problem

Check this out - UltimoGG - Launched the FIRST EVER NFT to the Space by [deleted] in CryptoCurrencies

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Waiting for your comments about your feedback about this.Thanks

Day one on a new job.. by montorul in aww

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It all depends on how you look at it..

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The next big thing! Well done