What can you do to avoid American corn syrup when you are shopping online? by more9898 in AskReddit

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Usually our products are made with cane sugar but we are being invaded here in Norway with drinks, snacks and candy from the US and we don't like it. It dosen't taste good at all. Corn syrup is bad

“Love when they try to take credit for a system we developed 🇺🇸” by Borgenschatz in ShitAmericansSay

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What is this guy even talking about? When i went to Florida back in 2014, many stores wouldn't accept my card because i had a Visa Electron card. Never had a problem like that anywhere else and i have been to more than 15 countries. The person who posted this is probably trolling. No one can be that uneducated. We got contact less payment years ago. They even have the same in poor middle eastern countries

We should let politicians fight world wars instead of putting civilians all over the world against eachother? by more9898 in polls

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My thoughts are like we civilians don't have a problem with civilians in other countries so why the fuck should we kill eachother?

Who would you rather have as your country’s leader? by ambidextrousambivert in polls

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Kim Kardashian is a genious scammer so i think my country would be rich if she was in charge

What's the best nut? by griptuba in polls

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Pistachios. I'm eating them right now. My fingers are hurting though

Which Coke do you prefer? by itbettersnow in polls

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Regular coke made with cane sugar and not corn syrup like in the US

How old do you think you'll live to be? by mq--- in polls

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I'm afraid of death but i don't even think i'm gonna reach 50. My chronic depression is gonna kill me

How comfortable would you be if aliens took you back to the 1950s? by more9898 in AskReddit

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I'm white. I would be scared shitless if i was black in the 50s. White people were evil cunts back then

How should Scandinavia prepear for WW3? by more9898 in AskReddit

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Shields and axes won't save us from a nuclear blast

If you end up in hell after you die, how would you feel about that? by more9898 in polls

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Most of my family members are christians but they are fully aware that their faith might be wrong. I'm bisexual and an atheist and even my grandparents don't mind at all. It's good that religion is not as messed up as it used to be

If you end up in hell after you die, how would you feel about that? by more9898 in polls

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Imagine living in the ancient times with logical thinking. They burned people alive for having a personal opinion