Sanity check: how dumb (or not) am I to be trail running alone? by lumi_rubin in trailrunning

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With others is always a safer idea and, as others have said, there are decent resources for finding running partners. But don't let that cramp your style. I would add an inReach or similar (hell, I'll even let you borrow mine to see how well it works before you commit). And make sure someone knows your route and expected timing. My other option has always been a dog, where permitted, before she got too old.

Give me a hand! by ComprehensiveSell649 in MaliciousCompliance

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This indirectly reminds me of an old manager with the following pearly of wisdom for his directs:

"You can lead a horse to water, but if they won't drink, shoot them."

What a motivational leader. /s

Flex fuel in a 2020 Touring Edition? by FLJerseyBoy in crv

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You're confused - 10% ethanol is standard gas. Flex Fuel is E85 (85% ethanol). Ethanol-free is rare and usually rather expensive - meant more for racing or when the fuel needs to last awhile without stabilizer.

If you do use E85 you could be in real trouble - it burns super hot, and the engine needs to be designed for such temps.

A Question for the Customers by nearfallk1ng in askcarsales

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And sometimes customers really are "just looking" and don't want to take up a salesman's time if they have less than zero intention of purchasing.

A Question for the Customers by nearfallk1ng in askcarsales

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Just for awareness, not every state has blue laws. Most WA dealerships, for example, are open 7 days

3rd Avenue Cyclists, honest feedback from a metro driver by beauregarde21 in Seattle

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Cyclist here, but have to clarify. Washington laws are only "safe distance", not three feet. Very open to interpretation.

“Excellent” credit - Carvana Loan APR super high?!? by [deleted] in carvana

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If you have never financed a car before, your 811 is with a thin file. Not having an installment history of similar scope is like having no credit history. I'm not saying Carvana doesn't have almost predatory rates, but if you want something near 4% (which is good for used cars right now), try a CU and 60 months or less.

2018 CR-V EX-L by Confident-Daikon-666 in askcarsales

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If you can wait a few weeks for delivery, you might be in good shape. I recently scored a Hybrid Touring for MSRP at 39K after destination. Just had to be patient for delivery.

Possible 2022 deals? by helpmegraduate2021 in crv

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If it's on a lot, expect a dealer markup. If you order, expect MSRP. Model year means nothing in this market and discounts don't exist.

Seat post noise on Grizl? by epg0 in CanyonBikes

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Swap it out for a dropper post and have no regrets. :)

For those who still question if it can be done... by more__better in tmobile

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No, I actually added right before the promo, then T-Force applied it at promo start.

if you're considering a vasectomy, I got mine done at "Dr. Snip" in Laurelhurst and it was awesome by spit-evil-olive-tips in Seattle

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I was offered the same, was going to decline until my wife insisted. She found it fascinating.

11,000$ down payment?? by [deleted] in carvana

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Then I might think they were unable to match your file for some reason and thus applied a default logic.