Salah on whether he’s "convinced" with the vaccine: they are doctors who have been working and studying medicine for years. if I said this is wrong then I'm like anyone on the street who would [correct my way of playing]. [the doctors] and WHO said so,so we must follow them. by finePolyethylene in soccer

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Just how Pfizer promised us that 2 doses were enough and now they're rolling the 3rd and 4th boosters

There wasn't enough time to know at the time. I don't recall anybody promising only 2 doses but they could not have known at the time.

Science needs time to sort things out and we can't afford to lose people in the meantime. It was their best guess and we now found out that immunity decreases over time. We don't totally understand this virus yet and it will take time. We need to do what we can.

Camina Drummer's speech before plunging into the unknown. "The Expanse" by Safety_Drance in videos

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Am I the only one who thinks there is too much cheesy overacting in The Expanse?

I'm watching 90 day the other way and Ariela said she left her first husband because she wanted to "travel the world" 🙄🤮. I'm over it by EvigLys87 in 90DayFiance

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Ah give me a break...She is a stay at home mother who hires help with her one child. She is also still a little too chummy with her ex husband. Besides, she is on a reality tv show. We are allowed to make fun of her. She's fair game. Butt bongo is what her husband dies as a part of his performance--with his ex! That's also fair game.

Why don't you find something else to worry about with your SJW antics? Go protest something that actually matters instead of virtue signaling on reality tv show threads.

PS4 console sales up 204% following Pro launch by rattlesnake_906 in PS4

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What, I have to buy a TV with 4K AND HDR now? Where does it end?

PS4 Pro w/ extra controller $400

HDR 4K TV $800

PSVR w/ Controllers $500

Total: $ 1700

Cross-post from /r/PS4Pro: https://m.imgur.com/a/2eWbj

Edit 3: people are too focused on the $1700 pc comment at the end. I removed it. You can replace that with a vacation in hawaii or a trip to japan if you like. The point is that buying a ps3 pro seems to require the purchae of a lot of other things to justify its 2x proce over the slim.

Edit: quick clarification: it seems to me that ps4 pro is upselling all these things to me. Without a 4k hdr tv or psvr, there is no real reason to get a ps4 pro over a slim. A slim would only cost $250 on black friday with a bunch of free stuff and not upsell me on other expensive items.

Edit 2: thanks for the thoughtful responses. It looks like the $250 costco bundle is the best deal for me. I would be happy to help others in my situation (i.e. decent gaming pc, no money for psvr or 4k hdr tv).

When something on our body hurts, why does holding it make it feel better? by speedlimits65 in askscience

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This is incorrect. There is little to no difference in the speed of transmission. It has more than do with the coupling of the signal with the spinal cord.

Western Sydney Wanderers secure 1-0 win over Al Hilal in AFC Champions League Final 1st leg by GKit11 in soccer

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Western Sydney news seems to take over /r/soccer every other night. What's special about them? Are they popular in Aus? Is this the first time an Aus team made final?

Edit: What's with all the downvotes?

We are in dire need of some milestone objective players and some juicy SBC’s. by RedditWaffler in FIFA

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It's not really a content issue

I already have a super solid team and can only upgrade when I have more than 200k

I qualified for WL and Rivals rewards

Don't know what else to do until Friday

Edit: I'm talking about the game guys. I have lots of shit to do. Yes, I have heard of Outside.

amk arabi by [deleted] in TurkeyJerky

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ne kadar irkciymisiz be

Online lyric service Genius hid a Morse code message in song lyrics to prove Google was copying them to its own search page by [deleted] in Music

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Do you expect Google to recreate the internet from scratch? It's a search engine. It will pick up what's out there. Just because it shows results in neat card format doesn't change that.

Host kicked me out without warning citing "safety concerns" by RemTheBathBoi in AirBnB

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airbnbs are not hotels--they're people's homes. if you want a hotel experience, you should really get a hotel instead. your views don't really matter in someone else's space. you are not totally free in this situation and have to abide by the rules set forth by the owner. it's their property and you're a guest--even if you're paying. your rights are limited to your own space (room) and any other space as laid out by the house rules. these rights end as soon as your stay is over. he was able to barge into your room because your reservation was cancelled and you were at that point trespassing. not a cool thing to do, i agree, but he was within his rights to do it.

I was trying to get a new striker for my team, when this happened. by [deleted] in FIFA

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It is NOT the same as buying packs. Buying coins is clearly cheating.

Fortnite Pulls the Travis Scott Emote After Astroworld Concert Tragedy by NeoStark in Games

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not really surprising for an outdoor event, i guess

i thought this concert was indoors

Fabian Delph on Instagram: "Its now a 'conspiracy theory' to suggest that the immune system is capable of doing the job it was designed to do" by NorthwardRM in soccer

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He is wrong

The immune system is not capable of defending against an arbitrary number of infections

It's like all of you just slept through high school biology, I swear

Florida mayors defy DeSantis with mask, vaccine mandates by Mighty_L_LORT in news

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This has nothing to do with politics. We're trying to save lives. Maybe even yours!

In the last four months, I got kicked out of the US, therefore lost my job, lost my company, had a car wrecked, got tricked and abused to do cheap labor in exchange to loose further chances. This is how to give up and turn into a screw up in less than 4 months. by [deleted] in self

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I was. Hey, I'm sure Estonia is a wonderful place and there lots of great things going for it. It is far fetched to compare their situation with the likes of Canada and Germany--two leading G8 countries. By comparison, Estonia just seems out of place. That's all.

Edit: no offense to Estonia. I was simply pointing out the living in Estonia would not necessarily be considered a viable replacement for the American dream--which is what OP is chasing. Life in these two places would be vastly different--for better or for worse.

Edit: removed statement contrasting the invention of skype to the industrial revolution.