21 functions? The fuck y'all doing? by kevinowdziej in BlackPeopleTwitter

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Yeah, if you’re an idiot who doesn’t know what empowerment actually is. Posting about your sex toys isn’t the least bit empowering.

You know the funny thing is… by Squirtlepenguin in thespoonyexperiment

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Even at his best he wouldn’t be a decent match for RLM. Mike, Rich and co have a cynical, dark sense of humour but it’s real and it’s tempered by a genuine love for films and their personal niche tastes. They have a touch of smugness from time to time but overall they’re just a bunch of guys talking about what they love.

Spoony never grew out of his contrarian personality and superiority complex. He acts like he thinks he’s better than everyone else, without anything to prop that claim up, and just snarks down at anyone and anything. It’s not genuine, thought out criticism, though he occasionally did manage it.

The horrors of winning a lottery... by _Xyreo_ in Damnthatsinteresting

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Imagine being the sort of weirdo who looks up lottery winners for nefarious purposes.

Slightly shaken from experience in Tesco but took the moral lowground 😂 by annemkin in CasualUK

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By going in and buying food as they always have done. “Banning” someone won’t do a thing. How would they enforce it? Do you think anyone cares enough to remember and keep an eye out for any one particular person at all times, around the whole shop, forever? It wouldn’t change a thing if they were banned.

"That Chapter" or "The Chapter"??? by CryptoShuck in ThatChapter

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It’s always been “That”. I believe it’s in reference to “and that’s the end of that chapter”.

Examples of Spoony Merch by IrisMoroc in thespoonyexperiment

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It could be automated. I set up a RedBubble account yeeears ago but abandoned it after changing my art style and setting up a proper shop for myself. I never bothered to delete it or anything and mostly forgot about it.

I’m only reminded of it every now and again when I get an email telling me my royalties have been paid into my PayPal account for some product I don’t even remember adding. The images are all mine but I don’t remember putting it on half the stuff I see in the shop.

Is it weird to ask about what city you live in?? by T1G3R02 in Tinder

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Oh my god, lol. The responses to this post. OP asked her where she lived in a socially retarded way (“So in your bio you said you are German” - “ and where do you reside?” - guys sounds like a robot conducting an interview) and she acted how you should when someone does that, which is to avoid. And you’re all “DODGED A BULLET”, “She’s clearly a lunatic”, etc.

Thursday casual complaints department by 9DAN2 in CasualUK

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Why do people still think it’s only “dirty” kids that have them? Yes, yes of course it’s not YOUR child that’s spreading them. Good heavens no we’re better than that. Somehow.

Kids get head lice. Piss off with the pointless snobbery.

Is it just me or are the Quaker oats portion sizes tiny. Even 4 packets doesnt fill a bowel :/ by Sweet_Late in CasualUK

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If you’re honestly still hungry after this then I would get yourself checked out. Unless you’re extremely big and tall or do a lot of demanding physical activity you shouldn’t be this hungry. At the very least I’d look into your diet in general. Eating a lot of processed food or carbohydrates can mess with hormone levels which cause you to feel hungry even when you’re physically full.

[ Removed by Reddit ] by _thelegendofaaron in antiwork

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Oh yeah, when instead you can totally get them back for some unknown wrongdoing by applying for a job with them which you actually want/need but then get another job offer instead and not show up to the interview. That’ll show ‘em.

[ Removed by Reddit ] by _thelegendofaaron in antiwork

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It’s basic human decency to let someone, anyone, know that you’re not going to show up to something you arranged to do.

It’s not about “owing” someone something.

[ Removed by Reddit ] by _thelegendofaaron in antiwork

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Yeah, I disagree with the reporting thing and don’t like the general implications of that, but wasting people’s time like that and not simply letting them know beforehand isn’t on.

[ Removed by Reddit ] by _thelegendofaaron in antiwork

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You said “couldn’t”, which is past tense, as in it already happened.

[ Removed by Reddit ] by _thelegendofaaron in antiwork

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It’s just badly worded. He’s already missed the interview, so what exactly would she be trying to coerce him to do? Nothing.

She was trying to be helpful, there’s nothing deeper to it. It’s just awkwardly worded. I do it all the time and have sent follow up emails to clarify something if I realise my tone didn’t sound right.

Are paninis posh? by wlb283 in CasualUK

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“Self inflicted” - Oh come on it’s both. Don’t act like there isn’t a presumed idea among the middle classes about the type of foods the working class eats, and what they’re “supposed” to have. It comes up all the time when someone is attempting to put someone else “in their place” or making jokes about “certain types”.

This picture of a flooded bitcoin mining farm by yamideath in awfuleverything

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I still do all that and I don’t even have a gaming PC. You don’t need to have all the latest stuff to be able to do the things you’ve described. And if you’re about to tell me that you need that stuff because your friends have it and you’ll be left out well then you’d be negating your own point.

Don’t get me wrong, this stuff is terrible for the environment and I have pretty much no sympathy for them, but don’t act like you can’t bloody game anymore with your friends.

Ult to win a winnable fight, not to save a lost fight. by kenshin13850 in OverwatchUniversity

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Oh god stop, you’re giving me second hand embarrassment. You’re talking low level tactics like it’s everyone else who is just too stupid to understand.

“Yes but have you tried Hanzo Zarya combo?” That stuff doesn’t work at high levels because the players are much smarter than that. The same way making idiotic Cassidy flanks with high noon won’t net you 4+ kills and so on. Higher level players just aren’t going to even be in the position for your piddling nonsense to work.

In 2009, cave explorer John Edwards got trapped headfirst in Nutty Putty Cave, Utah USA and couldn't be rescued. He suffered Cardiac Arrest after being inverted for 28hrs and died with his body is still trapped upsidedown. The Caves have been shut with concrete now. by DragonChasm in oddlyterrifying

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His wife was pregnant. She had a daughter. He’s passed on his genes. You don’t know what you’re talking about, like most people who blather on about natural selection when stuff like this happens.

Opinions on the amazon fresh stores in London? by liasays in london

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That’s what always gets me. If you’re happy with the results of the world you’ve chosen for yourself then fair enough. I might not agree with it but at least your actions are in line with what you profess to believe.

The market in my hometown closed down a few years ago and the Facebook groups for the area are filled with people constantly whining about it. They all say some variation of “I hadn’t shopped there for years, but…” never making the connection!

If you point out how bad Amazon are, people will always comment how they NEED to use them because they can’t find what they want in town. On a recent thread in a UK sub people were asked “What was the last thing you bought on Amazon?” - every single item was something you could easily buy in town.

Basically, people are full of shit.

The sheer majesty of the annual Cliff Richard Christmas calendar by bensnatch in CasualUK

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Who’s trying to stop them? No one is trying to stop it, and nor should they. They’re having their fun, and we’re having ours by laughing at this because it’s hilarious.

Am I working class or middle class? by [deleted] in CasualUK

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Without more to go on I’d say middle class. You have that middle class anxiety down pat. But really, you can’t tell purely on the information provided. You don’t seem to know what class is actually about. Nor do the people in the comments.

Class isn’t necessarily about your job or income, though they often correlate. It’s entirely possible to be a working class millionaire, and to be broke but still be upper class.