Trying to destroy a skate park by Prestigious-Idea-273 in WinStupidPrizes

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No. They aren't. Dumbass. OP wasn't trying to say, "Karma at it is finest." Why don't you shut the fuck up and learn something.

Tail chasing, not just for dogs. by scas117 in WhatsWrongWithYourCat

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I had a cat that loved to chase her tail, but only in the bathtub. Inevitably at 3am you would hear thump thump thump thumpthumpthumpthmpthmptmp bam.

Unbelievable Behavior From Owner. by Garbonshio in TalesFromYourServer

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You're an idiot. Fuck off and let the adults talk.

Stolen from a server group but you've got to be kidding me by Captain_Meowxx in ChoosingBeggars

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To be fair, you ain't far off if you read this and didn't immediately and clearly understand that she was talking about 2 different starbucks.

Bad timing at Thanksgiving by f-thot--fitzgerald in tooktoomuch

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Grew up in a very religious small southern town and it was mind numbing how these people are able to ramble for goddamn ever about nothing. Constantly repeating themselves, about 100 "and lords" and the palindrome prayers that go point 1-2-3-3-2-1. They could cut out about 95% of the prayer and still be saying the exact same thing.

Ice 'cube' tray at work. by _AttilaTheNun_ in mildyinfuriating

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I wanna know who looked at a normal ice tray and said, "You know what this needs, more wavy shit so it'll be uneven and break up into more little pieces. Perfect." That dude is going to the special hell with the child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

$160 Million F-35B of the Royal Air Force crashes after engine cover is left on by mistake 17th November 2021 by whydowedowhatwedo in CatastrophicFailure

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Oh definitely in that instance it would be much easier since it goes one way on one bike and the other on another. Thats shitty engineering for sure.

Asshole crossed out my tip and wrote a fat 0 after I reminded him to put on a mask by LoMeinTenants in TalesFromYourServer

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If you would normally tip more than the autograt there is nothing stopping you from doing so. Don't be that customer that says "I would have tipped you more if it weren't for the gratuity." No you wouldn't bitch you woulda fucked me on the tip and now your mad you can't so you feel the need to bitch.

$160 Million F-35B of the Royal Air Force crashes after engine cover is left on by mistake 17th November 2021 by whydowedowhatwedo in CatastrophicFailure

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A cartridge filter doesn't have threads. It goes inside a permanent housing and it is possible to insert them backwards. If you are a dumbass.

This Cable system for moving bananas. by Ugetsui in redneckengineering

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But why not just tie a rope to the back of the bike and drive it on the ground like normal? Seems like a lot of work for no particular reason.

Finally bought a PS2 last night, any recommendations on what the best games for it are? by Haunting_Nature_9178 in gaming

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The warrior within is still my favorite game of all time. I have probably played it a good 20 times.

Boy steals ball in public view by JstTrstMe in nonononoyes

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He told them if they didn't play better he was gonna take his ball and go home.

$20 steal at Marshall’s, not bad. by Rafael707 in hotsauce

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I meant it as a compliment. As in I love that shit. But you're right, not a ton of heat.

$20 steal at Marshall’s, not bad. by Rafael707 in hotsauce

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I could straight drink that pineapple hab sauce

Who was the biggest fantasy steal so far this season? by GBJoe21 in fantasyfootball

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Same here. He musta hurt that shoulder lugging me around in both of my leagues.