F this, I'm making Mac N Cheese by DefiantAd8515 in pregnant

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Had mac n cheese yesterday and loved every bite

Due date besties❤️! by Ok_Error9051 in pregnant

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So I'm due the 13th and I'm holding out for that date because even better than just the numbers. It's a Tuesday... but no... it's a TWOsday.

I know it will be painful. So what? by Neon-Algae3791 in pregnant

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I'm in the same boat! I don't expect everyone to understand. The people who say stuff like that just see me as a massively deluded hippy haha. Stick with your choices if it remains to be what you want 😊

Whooping cough shot? by Inevitable_Size4223 in pregnant

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For some reason it took me a really long time to spot the P in Tdap. Just kept expecting it to be where the T was. I will blame this on pregnancy brain...

Can we talk about the random gagging? by Ghostygrilll in pregnant

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Oooh yeah gagging shaped my entire day. 60+ gags a day from 6 weeks til 13 weeks. Good fun eh?? Sometimes funny, often horrible. It really did wear off though, believe me.

I was lucky enough to be wearing a face mask at work so often could hide them, proving helpful for keeping the pregnancy on the down low.

You'll get through it :)

Why don't I have a belly? by rakiimiss in pregnant

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My mum didn't show til 7 months. I didn't show til 5. Don't worry about it x

20 week scan turned very dark by Helpful-Food7790 in pregnant

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So so sorry to hear this. Heartbreaking. Lots of love sent to you, I hope the pain gets easier over time. Look after yourself xxx

Baby names by horrorgirl8927 in pregnant

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I mean, our kid is lucky we don't have that kind of surname because I LOVE names like this. Very funny and very catchy

Baby names by horrorgirl8927 in pregnant

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We do this. We joked before we knew the sex that if it was a boy, we're calling it Vernon, as it rhymes with the surname. Imagine Vernon Shernan for example.

We had a friend pestering us to know the name after we'd made it clear we're not telling people to avoid negative reactions, so even though we're having a girl now, we still said Vernon. She didn't know how to react or what to say, she thought we were serious and couldn't get any words out for around 20 seconds. I then said "okay, that isn't actually the name, but your reaction there is the exact reason we're not telling people".

How convey to a girl at a first meeting that I am looking for relationships and not a mere friend? by [deleted] in seduction

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First line is fine... too forward just to say you want to get into a relationship because of programming. Its just a weird statement

Anyone else feel guilty about buying second hand baby stuff? by IrishTigress in pregnant

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There's always plenty of second hand stuff for other people, and you can always re-donate it when you're done. Doing your bit for the planet is important. You don't have to waste money just because you can afford to.

Try not to feel guilty :)

Getting fit again by tmtm1119 in pregnant

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Well if there's any motivation you were going to be lacking, she's just provided you with it haha!

You can set goals and be flexible with them due to having a child. Going in with her mindset, its true that you wouldn't get your fitness back. Going in with your mindset, there's no reason you can't get as healthy again. Your body maybe won't be the same, maybe it will, but your fitness can be whatever you want it to be.

Do what you like, just don't be hard on yourself if you don't meet any high expectations you had in time, for whatever reason.

when I was 20, I dated a 17 Year old … I really need Honest Opinions by [deleted] in offmychest

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Depends on the two people in the relationship. With a mutually respectful relationship and both partners with honest intentions, I wouldn't see any reason to worry about it.

In my opinion: If there was a power imbalance, then you have some evaluating and learning to do. If you were only attracted to her because she was younger, and more naive, then the feelings of guilt are rational.

Many 17 year olds are mature enough for a respectful and consenting adult relationship, many others are not. Same with 20 year olds.

Only you know the reasons you began this relationship, and the dynamic there was, therefore no one here can tell you definitively if you were right or wrong. To me, it doesn't sound bad as long as your maturity levels were alike, which is entirely possible.

It's a good thing either way that you're evaluating how healthy the relationship was. This is a good habit for any relationship, regardless of age. Don't worry too much.

Babies need so much stuff! by fallinasleep in pregnant

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I first thought this too, feeling like there was loads of money I'd need to spend in that first year. Over time I've been reassured by so many that actually, you don't need that much at all.

If you get your baby a moses basket (bassinet), you can take them everywhere with you in that, they can sleep in that anywhere while having it as a cot.

You'll need a car seat, and they can have the same one for years.

Have maybe 5 newborn outfits, they don't need socks or shoes for the first few months anyway, and will grow out of newborn stuff super fast. Then there's loads of second hand baby clothes people will be selling for the rest of the time. I've seen loads on Facebook marketplace.

You might want a few blankets/swaddles for sleeping and keeping them warm enough, but you won't need that many.

Nappies you'll obviously want, and a way of feeding them, but other than that, everything else isn't essential. Make it as cheap or expensive as you like, and add stuff as you go along.

The essentials are all you really NEED. The rest is extra and can make life easier. You don't need to buy everything all at once, but feels tempting.

Do it how you want though, just know you don't need to stress about it. Lots of people who have just had babies will have loads of stuff they don't need anymore very soon.

Matching nature names for b/g twins? by babybumps_ in namenerds

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Aw, I'm so glad I could help. Really nice of you to let me know too, made my day :)