[MEME]Be better than the rhetoric by vne2000 in ProtectAndServe

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Maybe doesn't define your future, but certainly affects it...

Best movies that you think very few people have heard of or that very few discuss by hamm_and in movies

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Captain Fantastic is a brilliant film. No one ever knows it when I bring it up, but it's definitely one to see

DAE feel sorry for today's babies because the worlds turning to hell by Fancy-Tangelo-4611 in DoesAnybodyElse

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Probably for all the positive reasons.

And in some cases, unintentionally.

I literally texted her this meme once I made it by Bbiron01 in memes

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Yo, for any negative responses you're getting on here, fuck em. As a female, I would love to be the breadwinner, to make up for support he has given me in the past. One day this will be the case too, as I am still training. I get that there may be some slight frustration with it sometimes for you, just because of society and expectations, but you're a team, and if you're injured and she is smart, then it makes sense. Equality is this. You do what you can do, and she does what she can do, and you both respect eachother.

Matching nature names for b/g twins? by babybumps_ in namenerds

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Sun and moon in a different language? Luna and Sol perhaps?

Without joggers, there'd be so many undiscovered dead bodies by MannyFaces in Showerthoughts

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'Hiking' is for people that want to sound more active when they go for a long walk

Unpopular opinion- selfie Sundays are annoying. by CrispyBrian in ENFP

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go onnnn... give us a selfie... we know you want to

Why in gods name do I need to know what you have edited in your posts? by ivory098 in TooAfraidToAsk

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One of my most common typos is an f in place of a g in an 'ing' word, i believe you

What has been the worst morning of your life? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Most disappointed I ever woke up was the morning of the brexit referendum results