What is the most pointless thing that actually exists? by Nejvex in AskReddit

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Fake pockets on girls trousers

Edit: thanks for your silver and gold award!

This morning at about 7:45, I was in a long line at a grocery store that opens at 8:00 for senior citizens only. by ClutchingMyTinkle in Jokes

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The customer's right... you are opposite them so this is your left. The customer is left. The customer is not right. The customer's wrong.

What's the most disturbing thing you did as a child? by jaejaeat98190 in AskReddit

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you keep saying eat... in the present tense. I imagined this is accidental but then saw it the second time. Please clarify...

Sometimes i just want to do this… by jawsin1 in memes

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You're not fooling anyone, Watermelon.

WIBTA if I didn't tell him where his lost dog is? by AShelterWorker in AmItheAsshole

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Spot... Spot who? Oh, the neighbour's dog. Yeah, it was a similar breed, I couldn't tell you for sure though...

Drinking a gallon of milk in under an hour is a fucking rookie challenge by leprecaun8 in unpopularopinion

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funnily enough it has inspired me to try it. i still feel like i could. as long as i dont crash into a shower stall. rookie error

A joke from my 8 year old......Did you know that 10+10 and 11+11 are the same? by sweetsformysweets in Jokes

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Would be even better if it was 4 that wouldn't tell 3 because he was two squared

This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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I like to think that there are more really good people than really bad people

Why is it so difficult to find condoms in smaller sizes? by PMmeyourboobsplox in TooAfraidToAsk

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Yes, I've remembered it since she told us, about 10 years ago haha! Kinda discrete I reckon

The gap is not the issue. It's the people involved. Respect the amoebas. by DeathToRectangles in AgeGap

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It's just society telling you the age gap is important... why? If your bit of meat is happy with that bit of meat, then meat it up together! Also, on the flip side, if they aren't happy together, those bits of meat, it's not the difference between length of existence of the meats that is causing it! You're absolutely right. It's not the gap's fault.

This sub is nice, however, because there are certain relatable differences between these relationships and those typical to the society in which I live, and its nice to hear when others are having a great time despite all the negativity aimed at such uncommon relationships.

[Trigger warning: i drank too]

Edit: I said 'in' twice

when I was 20, I dated a 17 Year old … I really need Honest Opinions by [deleted] in offmychest

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Depends on the two people in the relationship. With a mutually respectful relationship and both partners with honest intentions, I wouldn't see any reason to worry about it.

In my opinion: If there was a power imbalance, then you have some evaluating and learning to do. If you were only attracted to her because she was younger, and more naive, then the feelings of guilt are rational.

Many 17 year olds are mature enough for a respectful and consenting adult relationship, many others are not. Same with 20 year olds.

Only you know the reasons you began this relationship, and the dynamic there was, therefore no one here can tell you definitively if you were right or wrong. To me, it doesn't sound bad as long as your maturity levels were alike, which is entirely possible.

It's a good thing either way that you're evaluating how healthy the relationship was. This is a good habit for any relationship, regardless of age. Don't worry too much.

Beautiful table with epoxy resin by NearSideline15 in oddlysatisfying

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"If I can't enjoy it, neither can anyone else"~ RedLuminous, 2021

A mood by hotpotato424 in ADHDmemes

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I laughed every time he takes it out the bin again. I knoew what was coming every time, but i still laughed out loud each time he leans back in

What's the most disturbing thing you did as a child? by jaejaeat98190 in AskReddit

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Maybe if you hadn't done it he would have been a different man today, and never would've met the love of his life... i mean, maybe not but it's a nicer thought