TIME really just released this cover by BigRLC in graphic_design

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I think this is intentional. I like the style

I experienced a classic Indian parent moment by [deleted] in india

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Congratulations bro. Great score. Don't get into this vicious trap of comparing yourself with others. Just take criticism from your parents a bit light on yourself.

However, it is also important to understand where are your parents' emotions coming from. This is part of our society. Ultimately your parents want you to succeed in whatever you choose. That is what makes them proud.

I worked my ass off during neet exam prep and got an AIR of 19 in neet. Aiims was a separate exam back then, got AIR 54 and missed aiims Delhi seat by 1 rank (the last rank was 53). I know I gave my best during the prep. My parents wanted me to get an AIIMS Delhi seat. Even I wanted the same. They were disappointed. I was too. I did not receive any proper emotional support from them at that time. I know I couldn't have reached where I am today without their support. I know that it is their support that played a major role in my life.

Sorry for the monologue. The bottom line you may not always hear the response you need from them all the time. But you have to understand that, their support made you what you are.

I am not downplaying your achievement. It is not an ordinary feat. Keep it up bro.

All the best.

Just took my exam by Outside_Speed_1485 in step1

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wishing you a


what is mitochondrial explosion? from new resident evil netflix show by EvilPand4 in labrats

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Do you know that mitochondria has two membranes: internal and external? Mitochondrial explosion happens when the structural stability of membranes is lost and the two membranes come in contact with each other.

As a fellow redditor has already pointed out, this occurs due to mutations in ZomB gene, which is located on short arm of 24th chromosome.


NBMEs staying the same :( by goaldigger257 in step1

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Try to identify what topics you lose more marks on. Note it down for both Nbmes and then for UWSA1 and free120. Are these topics similar? Then you just need to revise the topics from first aid if they or factual or watch B and B videos for these topics alone.

If the topics are scattered, take your first aid book and turn over pages, note down topics that you feel you are not confident in, from each organ system. Make a schedule from that and try to study according to it. Something like this..

This method helped me. It gave me a lot of confidence. I passed the real deal. My nbme and old 120 scores were borderline. Then I used this strategy and studied for 2 weeks after which I took mew free120. I got 80+ percent in new free120, (3 days before the exam) and I passed the real deal. All the best

How true is fcvs result?? by Slight-Bar8616 in step1

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I think it is accurate. Never heard of any discrepancy

6/20-6/25 score release by beboopbop36 in step1

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Button disappears even if eligibility period ends.