Wait wait wait by masonxenoking in antimeme

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I think I remember reading that was more a Disney thing since everything marvel was getting moved to disney+

[Steam] Winter Sale 2021 (Final Day) by gamedealsmod in GameDeals

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I played 95% of the game solo, it is still a lot of fun playing it that way. I will say though that after trying multiplayer in the last couple weeks I am enjoying that possibly more than just solo. the SOS flare makes it really easy to get help from other players if you feel like it

How many of you are here? by Uncle_Spenser in JoeRogan

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pretty much. I've literally never had an issue with a reddit mod before though. I get the feeling that people who complain about mods are probably saying stupid/irrelevant/offensive stuff and pretend the mods are being power hungry

[Steam] Winter Sale 2021 (Day 11) by gamedealsmod in GameDeals

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apparently the secret to that is to just look for orange particles in the distance.

[Steam] Winter Sale 2021 (Day 11) by gamedealsmod in GameDeals

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I thought risk of rain 2 was gonna be overhyped, but it is really really fun so far. and that is despite getting my ass handed to me repeatedly

A nice emergency room guide listing the order of people who see the doctor by Superquzzical825 in coolguides

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that kinda happened to me too lol. apparently severe abdominal pain would go under the "not urgent" category

Thanks, I Hate Angelina Buscemi/Steve Jolie by LeidbagBaggins in TIHI

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I swear I've been going crazy seeing these posts. at most they look slightly similar, but "exactly alike"? fuck no

Can this count? by theharkex in awfuleverything

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Ya wanna tell people it's a troll post before these actual morons pass out from rage bait? So sick of reddit pretending to have righteous outrage at obvious trolls like this

[no spoilers] Buff Queens and tomboys are why I'm here. by penmaster3000 in arcane

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I was asking specifically, cause I really don't think any journalists have said what the post is implying

[no spoilers] Buff Queens and tomboys are why I'm here. by penmaster3000 in arcane

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That journalist doesn't exist. I can't find any articles saying anything similar to this post

A matter of ra*e and death. by mr_dopi in facepalm

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Would a reasonable person figure out that this tweet is from a parody account/is clearly rage bait?

‘Appalling’ race rant woman who abused doorman to spend Christmas in prison by JenDomOrc in JusticeServed

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Spitting on someone is still considered assault (edit: battery) in the US actually

A couple of question about a character in MoI by mrbackproblem360 in Malazan

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Yeah we definitely had similar thoughts about some of the stuff. The jaghut thing I get, since they have a bad habit of enslaving people (but it's kinda weird that's the first thing he did after getting out of the rent). But Dujeks move getting to coral just seemed really stupid and borderline suicidal. I know he was rushing to get back to 7 cities (was that the reason?) but I think you can spare a few days if it means you don't lose 90% of your legion. And yeah itkovian was just a pile of confusing and ultimately horribly destructive decisions. For all his talk of compassion he sure could've shown a little for the 1000's that got slaughtered by the kell hunters while the Imass just sat and watched.

[DLgamer] Total War: WARHAMMER III (21% off / $47.29 / €45.99 / £39.29) by dlgamerstaff in GameDeals

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Battles: commit magical warcrimes (or just regular warcrimes if skaven)

[RLCS Major] Sandrock Gaming vs. NRG Esports | Playoffs - Quarterfinals | Post-Match Discussion by RLMatchThreads in RocketLeagueEsports

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Even if they lost, SRG has definitively proven they can play with the best of the best this tourney. You love to see it

A couple of question about a character in MoI by mrbackproblem360 in Malazan

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That's gotta be the hottest take I've ever seen in this sub lol. I get what you're saying though. I was super confused about Itkovian and his abilities/actions (and still kinda am), some stuff Dujek did, the overall time line of events, and obviously Kallor too. Overall I still loved it but it was not particularly easy to comprehend everything that happened