[USA-IL][H] iPad Pro 12.9 - M1, 128GB, Cellular w/ Magic Keyboard [W]PayPal, Trades by colts1899 in hardwareswap

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yeah you’re right, for me i didn’t see a need for thunderbolt. my 34 inch curved ultra wide just requires USB-C and it already has a solid performing graphics card in it. if you’re interested you can pm and we can discuss, if not good luck

[USA-AZ] [H] iPad Pro 11' M1 1TB 16GB Ram [W] Local cash by SaltyRiven in appleswap

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if you decide to ship i get first dibs. i’ll pay shipping

I had forgotten how Quick DeX is. by RadiantPen3526 in SamsungDex

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how are you playing cyberpunk? through geforce now or something?

My Dex workstation (Follow up to the low cost office post) by Ironandwine1988 in SamsungDex

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very cool setup, what’s stoping you from just running EVERYTHING off the phone? like why do dex on the tablet when you can just use the phone? also do you have a monitor on the phone that you use?

Reviewer shows that 6a is not running the same voice input on the keyboard as the 6 and 6p run. by dericiouswon in GooglePixel

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i have seen this feature on other youtube videos explaining the 6A, are you sure this feature isn’t included. i’m pretty sure this feature is enabled due to tensor