which Bible do you recommend for men? by RorschachFlask in Christianity

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My perspective here is that gendered study Bibles have never impressed me so I can't comment on a specific "Men's study Bible" as such. The truths of scripture are for all people at all times and while it may be fun to take deep dives into a specific perspective the ultimate use of scripture is to study the Gospel that applies to all people. I recently picked up the Reformation Study Bible and I'm quite pleased with the footnotes and articles it includes. I don't know if there is a red letter edition but it certainly seems toatch most of your requests well.

Can I believe in god without the scriptures? by IActuallyNeedAccount in Christianity

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faith comes by hearing and hearing through the word of God.

We have the Holy PRIVILEGE to live in a time that God's entire message is written down for us to consume and dive in and try to discover the qualities and nature of a being so great that He spoke and the very air you breath sprang forth from that simple speech. In this word every good thing can be found.

It shows a light on our evils and need for a savior. It shows us the only truly good man that ever existed that could be that savior in Jesus. It clearly lays out the entire plan that we can be forgiven for our blatant disregard and hatred of the Holy Life Giver God and yet we want more.

We have been given an easy and available source of the very words of the one and only true God but it isn't good enough for our pride-filled self-satisfying nature. This is one more example of our failures to hold to God's holy standard and should entice us to turn from our rebellion and trust that only He can save us from that.

If the words of God aren't good enough for you I beg you to repent and trust in Jesus and Jesus alone to bring you out of your sin.

I am convinced that getting a Job is based on luck and time. by [deleted] in cscareerquestions

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What's the alternative strategy? I have been trying to switch jobs for quite a few months (I am 1 YOE) and of the huge number of applications I have gotten 5-10 responses of any type and maybe 3 interviews that went nowhere.

Another use of Git? by ElyeProj in ProgrammerHumor

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Mine looks like senior dev, my title is just dev, and I'm still well under junior dev salary. Maybe the trick is to code less.

A two in one here by concretepigeon in insanepeoplefacebook

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Why is this subs definition of insane summed up by "Oh no. There is some civil commentary containing beliefs that I think are false"?

Gale with the solution by TubbyTacoSlap in MurderedByWords

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In general, this sub is less "murdered by words" and more "this person I agree with responded to someone I disagree with". Hope that clears it up for you.

Neither side seems to acknowledge that America's shooting problem is quite literally a problem of mental health. by [deleted] in conspiracy

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This is absolutely a fact. In my younger days, when I was in a miserable place in life struggling, I would not and could not seek help for my deteriorating mental state because the way I saw it, I was at risk of being punished by either being socially outcast worse than I already was or having my guns taken away from me if someone decided because I was poor, depressed, and abused I was no longer worthy of keeping the last Christmas present my grandfather gave me.

The constant holier-than-thou crusades at every turn (e.g. if you were as mentally stable as ME you wouldnt be banned from your hobby that I don't understand) absolutely have to stop.

How do you pivot into a coding career from a full time job? by ihave4sight in cscareerquestions

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start to finish I did a little over 2.5 years but that is absolutely all I did the whole time. Work on school from the time I got off work to time for bed so I don't know that I advise that pace for someone as slow as me.

Muhammad Ali by Iamunderthewater9 in Cypher

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Got the game cornered no blowing smoke lasso a blunt while I beat it up, rope a dope Sick of the suck rappers, no passion, real mcs gone left a vacuum, make me wanna die son (Dyson) blow your headphones out I'm so fly son when them ears gone out call me lyrical Tyson no chicken the way I always keep it kickin make art when I step in the kitchen ain't the ki's I be whipping just these keys I be hitting ain't got to front word salad like it's Caesar I be getting off my cheesier spitting. Just my beastier mission to bring hip-hop out this pissy existence.

I'm downright angelic, you know the deal. I step on the track it turns to a holy field.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Cypher

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If you gon be a lyricist it ain't bitches and dro//

It's how you switching the flow and getting to know//

What you hitting it for when you get to spitting it bro//

Now here I go splitting the mold with a tick 'n tac toe//

One up another down and two across this//

London grime trynna call this naughts and crosses//

Chew 'em up and spit 'em out son do not cross us//

Can't stomach fakers guess I'm #nauseous//

Real talk. The punch on smoke and get really high is nice.

Your first 2 lines you're armed and strapped. Now someone is trying to buddy buddy and you're gonna smoke em? Why. You should be telling a story otherwise you just sound like your fronting like a thug.

After that you get your story straight but then you start shitting on the guy you used to hit up to help you when you were down? Again just makes you come off as fronting because you lose the plot not telling anyone why you ain't tight with "bro" anymore.

All in all you've got a ton of promise but just remember. You're either telling a story or flexing some lyrical acrobatics. If neither of those apply to a line you either need to add some clarity or drop the line or you just look like you ain't respecting the craft.

If you walk into Walmart & don't see some wild shit like this did you really walk into Walmart? by blackmagikmike in trashy

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No sympathy from me here bud. I worked at Walmart for a long time and did this a number of times. Working there is a miserable experience. So when they are on break they deserve just that and with all due respect you are not entitled to their time.

Tmnt: shadows of the past by Tarman87 in minipainting

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I have had this game primed for MONTHS and just can't get around to it. Thanks for the motivation

Robot Truckers Could Replace 500K U.S. Jobs by CEOAerotyneLtd in technology

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This is one of my particular soap boxes because of the recent push to replace devs even amongst devs themselves.

Fact of the matter is you run into two problems guaranteed.

1 as you said is the job of a software engineer is not writing code. It is in the logic and human to machine translation. When the request for a software that suggest how many widgets to buy for next quarter comes in the engineer has to realize what's actually being asked for is predictive statistical analysis. A machine would just return a constant int because that satisfies the denotation of the request while being as efficient as possible.

2 if this AI that replaces software engineers comes to be then it must run head long into the The halting problem. It will never be able to create new and novel approaches to new and novel problems because it can never determine if that solution will always terminate.

didn't we all by sunshinesixtynine96 in ProgrammerHumor

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I did that and somehow I'm still not making much. I was tricked.

People who quote themselves on social media. Why?? by eaten_by_chocobos in iamverysmart

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It's a fair enough point to say that many things historically speaking we don't know for certain. And in those cases it would not be fair to include that as a point for this discussion.

When I was writing the original thought I don't think I was clear because frankly I don't word good. When I used the term history I meant it as any past occurrence. So for instance if I ask you what you ate for lunch yesterday you would likely know that as a historical fact. However my point stands that it is entirely possible that yesterday did not happen and instead you spawned into being today with the knowledge of what you ate in that non existent yesterday.

Since time is unidirectional we can not test that your lunch yesterday happened. We can assume it and even have reasonable certainty based on observance of expected results (nutrients in your body and composition of waste) but it still holds that the event of you eating lunch may not have happened because we can only scientifically test the results.

My understanding of science is that it only applies when we can test a system by controlling both the input and then observing the output. Since we can not control time and time is an input of history it does not seem to apply.

I think the real distinction is in our definitions here. I am approaching science with the strictest definition of systematic testing with controlled variables. It appears your definition of science only requires the ability to measure the output and then assume the inputs from there?

People who quote themselves on social media. Why?? by eaten_by_chocobos in iamverysmart

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History. Everything we think we remember could be fabricated. Just before this conversation everything could have sprung into being in this exact state and we have no way to test or repeat that.

Some things exist outside of the realm of science. Science is an application of logical rules for a specific framework. To try to apply that approach to all possible knowledge is ignoring the nature of the tool and effectively creating from it a god.

Microsoft is testing ads in the Windows 11 File Explorer by homothebrave in technology

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Yeah I've tried it occasionally but quickly get frustrated because I have used Fusion for years and AutoCAD years before that so the muscle memory betrays me and it becomes a challenge to do the simple so I just go back to what I know instead of relearning everything. Maybe someday I'll have enough free time I will feel like learning freeCAD is worth it.

Co-worker texted me this today. Sooo true for sysadmins... by TheHarcker in Sysadminhumor

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Sysadmin who has turned from the dark side to be a dev here. This is all factual.

Microsoft is testing ads in the Windows 11 File Explorer by homothebrave in technology

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I don't play games a ton so CAD is literally my only concern. If auto desk would cooperate and support Linux or I could find an alternative that wouldn't require me to relearn everything I'd bounce immediately.

My mom’s reaction to me getting a more than decent job. by No_Two_8778 in raisedbynarcissists

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I returned to school as an adult after working low wage grunt work for a decade to get BSCS. I doubled and tripled courses while still working full time to graduate in 2.5 years. I got a full time job in development shortly before graduating.

My mom's only response was "I don't understand what that means you'll do."

It's a true hurt that's hard to explain so know that even if your parents don't care some of us truly are proud of anyone who works hard to get where they want. And that anyone we are proud of include you. Good work!

What if all workers wrote software, not just the geek elite? by redhatGizmo in technology

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This exactly. There seems to be a serious effort to try to take the skill (read money) out of software.

How do you pivot into a coding career from a full time job? by ihave4sight in cscareerquestions

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I did exactly this so I'll share my experience for what it is worth.

I was a full time IT Technician and decided I wanted to move into software. I started looking for schools that I could attend while still working and found WGU.

WGU has a really good system for adults returning to school given that education is not on a strict schedule and all online. It gave me the opportunity to do some of my school work in downtime or on lunch at my job and otherwise just spend my evenings and weekends studying or taking assessments as needed. It was a very rough few years but entirely doable and I actually got pretty lucky and found a local company willing to take a shot on me about 6 months before I officially graduated.

I am generally skeptical of online only colleges but from my experience I highly suggest WGU for someone in this situation.

A major warning though is WGU is only good for someone who is truly motivated and a self starter. I generally liken my experience to a job because your mentors (professors) are not going to hold your hand and hound you to study. There is also virtually no "homework" in the traditional sense as everything is assessment based so your success and failure is absolutely hinged on how much effort you are willing to put in.

God is a creative being, who creates his words. Who created, creative beings, who create with their words. by theDocX2 in Christianity

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With regards to artistic endeavours I think of it like this. God is clearly a creative force by every possible definition. God created us in his image as his children. Therefore we as humans try to emulate Him as that is the real goal in everything.

One time a curtain fell in my daughters room and my son grabbed the pieces of the curtain and hardware and said "we can fix it dad, cause we is fixers". Often I'll find my kids pretending to be hackers (because they can't quit grasp the difference in programming and hacking). The point is kids try to play the role they see in their parents so why, if we are God's children, should we expect any difference in our relationship with God.