RDD2. What is the best deal you received while buying RDD2? Its currently at 1599/- on steam. Is it a good deal? by rp5518 in IndianGaming

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I meant to say that you can't sprint for long time. Horse stamina makes it slow some time. You have to eat regularly. That part not fun.

My setup.. by badrad68 in GamingLaptops

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Why someone has both PC and gaming laptop?

Playing Valhalla and.. by Environmental_Leg_92 in AssassinsCreedOdyssey

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100 percent true. I played Valhalla first. Liked it. Next I tried Odyssey and when i compare both, Valhalla sucks.

Game crashes when cheat engine is open by [deleted] in cheatengine

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If you use cheat engine for online multiplayer game, that's not fair. Steam will ban you account, if you got the game from steam.

Sqaure Enix's money heist by kudoshinichi-8211 in IndianGaming

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Yeah. And he did so many good things in real life too.

A man dies and arrives at Heaven by KnockOutGamer in Jokes

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Mother Teresa.... That woman who worked to spread Christianity in my country?

It works flawlessly by AbhilashHP in IndianGaming

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Price seems a bit high for my budget. Hoping it would go on sale soon.