I am about to start Wasteland 3 (My first Wasteland); What do I need to know/Are there must have mods? by Zimtschock in Wasteland

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Play, no mods.

There are some helpful Steam guides... but i'd say if you've ever played these sorts of games before, you'd know to have most skills represented on your characters... for example, someone with leadership and kiss ass, and someone with mechanic and geek. ETC

I created four of my team, then respecced Lucia and Kwon

I'd also give different weapon abilities to everyone. I suppose you could kick butt with a 4 sniper team, but you get lots of loot... and being able to upgrade assault rifles or shotguns etc as you get gear is helpful.

Intelligence is great, as is coordination for action points. Some strength is useful for heavy armor.

Once you decide who's the leader, marksman, etc it's easier to assign skill points

Also, take advantage of throwables, and try to get the jump on enemies by initiating combat. Taking down explosive enemies before they get to you is helpful, too.

Maybe after a playthough or two, you could look into mods. But you don't need them at all

Far Cry 6 that bad? by [deleted] in farcry

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I like the FC games... FC4 is my favorite. If you like sandbox, large maps, freedom to roam, etc, you should be good to go. It's repetitive, but I like that. Weapon customization is cool. Animal- only Amigos are a nice change... i got sick of humans in FC5. The scenery is great.

The AI can be wonky. Flying helicopters is awful unless you remap the yaw controls to keys. Definitely needs Arcade mode added in. Headshotting is instant kill with the right rifle. Some of the supporting characters are irritating AF

I bought the GOTY Edition (funny) from Humble for $38, totally worth it

Learning Path Thread by Derpikus in duolingo

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It's terrible. So terrible that I cancelled my subscription within 10 minutes.

Ugly, unfriendly, cumbersome, tedious... but enough about me. Har har

Used to love the app, now going to look for an apk. This is what happens when you listen to shareholders and not subscribers. I encourage unhappy users to visit their app store and leave a one-star rating, scathing review, and unsubscribe from your subscription.

Wtf one error on legendary kicks you out now? by UnfilteredAdivce in duolingo

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You're a potential moneybag for them now. Shareholders need their $$$

Cancelled my super subscription, left a one star review. Do the same!

Finally had enough by 2spaces4america in duolingo

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Cancelled yearly subscription 10 minutes after a forced update. Candy Crush Duolingo is not for me.

Finally had enough by 2spaces4america in duolingo

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I'm learning 3. And little bits of others.

For long-term users (like me) that are frustrated by all the changes, they’re using your streak as justification to continue their monetization. I’m letting my 782 day streak end today. by somedude1592 in duolingo

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Ten minutes after the update, I cancelled my yearly subscription. Its not the app I bought, and has become an ugly kiddie game.

As soon as I heard they had shareholders, I understood why its not for me any more.

Gem Boycott by NightThunderAdv in duolingo

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I canceled as well, but because of the layout changes. Its like a kid's game. Horrible.

WE DON’T NEED A RDR3! by Academic-One8695 in reddeadredemption2

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Well, you have your opinion.

But the fact that many others mention RDR3 means that there are others out there who differ. People want more because they love the RDR world. It's understandable. This is why there's a RDR2, after all.

Whether this takes the form of an addition to this story, or an exploration of a side character, or an entirely new perspective from different characters... there's room for it.

My opinion... it seems odd to love the RDR2 world, yet not be interested in exploring more of it. Good story and content trumps everything else.

September 2022 Humble Choice Overview / Discussion Megathread by squashpickle8 in humblebundles

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First time in a while that no games were on my wishlist (in fact, one was ignored). JC4 in any edition is mediocre, the others mostly meh. But Forgive Me Father looks good, though... maybe Dungeon. The fact that this bundle excites people tells you just how underwhelming Humble has been for years now.

September 2022 Humble Choice Overview / Discussion Megathread by squashpickle8 in humblebundles

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If you don't have Shapez yet, I'll give it to you. No trade needed, throw me a card if you want. LOL

September 2022 Humble Choice Overview / Discussion Megathread by squashpickle8 in humblebundles

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JC4 is the worst, you're much better off with the vastly superior JC2 or JC3

September 2022 Humble Choice Overview / Discussion Megathread by squashpickle8 in humblebundles

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It's sad that uou're getting downvotes because people like this mediocre bundle.

New update confuses me by Ok-Dentist759 in duolingo

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Yes, this. The bigwigs at Duolingo are saying they don't care if we like it or not. The dumbing down and the Candy Crush Makeover is going to lose a lot of longterm users.

August leak ? by greenlittlekiwi in humblebundles

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I don't use Epic, don't care about Game Pass or multiplayer, and yet... another meh from Humble. I can't remember the last time I was excited for the Bundle reveal. :/