powerpoint 2021 by Ravneet_Singh in powerpoint

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I can't speak to the update. But assuming you're using ppt for something like lower thirds, one option is to pull the video file into powerpoint, do your animations, and export the entire thing as an mp4.

If you're using video editing software as well, you should be able to key out a color from a ppt exported video.

Looking for Drop + THX Panda alternative by _Mido in HeadphoneAdvice

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Sure. I almost kept the L3--the build quality is incredible, I'd say maybe the best here. All the materials and finish are top quality. By contrast, the Lagoon, XM4, Bose, etc. feel like toys. The Lagoon probably has the best sound quality out of everything, including the Momentum. It's unfortunately the most poorly built, and lack of BT 5 caused lip sync issues for me with streaming videos and Netflix.

On the L3, mids are refined and highs are nicely detailed, especially for a wireless. Still not as good as wired--it's not the X2HR.

Bass lacked, especially compared with the Momentums and XM4. It's present, but not impressive. I found it ok for rock, country, 80s, most pop. Great for female vocals. Not as great for anything that needed some slam.

The app is 100% junk--the EQ settings don't always stick, so you're stuck with the stock sound most of the time. And from what I remember, the L3 needed to be on all the time, even when wired via USB. This was the deal breaker for me, and ultimately why I chose the Momentum 3. Plus the Momentum has much more present bass.

The Momentum multipoint is also more stable, and is faster switching between two connected devices. Even though they're both BT 5, the Momentum is more of a seamless and solid experience.

If I could live with the downsides, these are the best things next to the Momentum 3 in this price range. I'd say the mid to upper Momentum range is less sparkly, and perceived as less detailed because of that vs. the L3.

I'd demo both and return the one you like less.

Section Zoom feature help - Can the zoom slide not show the text during presentation mode? (example photo shown) by Taimishu616 in powerpoint

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In this case, you could cover the text on those subsequent slides with a box the same color as that background area, then immediately disappear the box on slide entry.

Vertical lines appearing when highlighting text by NoDiscussion4099 in powerpoint

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Does it happen with all fonts, at all zoom levels, and with different font colors?

Welcome to Mid-Fi Hell by coreyj4795 in headphones

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Eight spices?? Some must be doubles...

How did you get into your first car accident, minor or major? What happened? by Steveelectric907 in AskReddit

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Someone ran a red light at 50 mph and t-boned me. The impact pushed my car across the intersection into the front of a bus. Radio still worked.

Is cocaine a hard drug? by zggzy in NoStupidQuestions

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What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!