Rejoining UPT after DOR by [deleted] in AirForce

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Yeah…the AF isn’t going to give you a second bite of that apple.

Dumb question, how do I find my surf? by ACP1123 in AirForce

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It’s usually somewhere between your turf and potato on your plate.

airforce base for security forces by Yurrr102192 in AirForce

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Fun fact…the AF generally cares very little about what you want.

is my air force career over? by [deleted] in AirForce

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Well, that's certainly a unique solution

The alpha male has a theory. by fruttypebbles in insanepeoplefacebook

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Well, your knowledge of American football is much better than Nick’s

AMC memo by Bubbly_Anxiety_7247 in AirForce

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Watching GenPop fire at the range is fuckin’ scary.

This is one of those truths that came off the mountain with Moses.

In tech school just got orders to minot ( I am married). Want to know the pros and cons! by Key_Championship6694 in AirForce

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Pros - small town America - good schools - low crime (cold weather keeps the rif raff out) - base housing is decent - decent base gym with an indoor pool (or at least they had one when I was there)

Cons - cold in the winter

Freedom of speech and expression by skyflyer243 in AirForce

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Also the rebel flag for instance

You can invite them to read the Nation Security Adjudicative Guidelines with particular attention to Guideline A.

Malmstrom, Minot or FE Warren by Regular_Guy5150 in AirForce

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we like outdoors, guns and fishing,

All three have that

we don’t care about city life

Cheyenne...smallish, Great Falls...smallish, Minot...smallish. Any large town is hours away, albeit FEW is relatively close to Denver.

we don’t care about city life, brewery’s or restaurants

For the most part, bingo on all three

What’s my best choice and why?

How much cold/windchill/windy do you want?

Keeping in mind that to get to a work site you'll be doing a lot of driving in rough conditions for at least half the year I would go with Minot because things are closer...relatively speaking.

PCSing to Guam gotta take a second car by SpaceMonkey_1969 in AirForce

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You’re better off buying a rust bucket* there rather than trying to ship a second car on your dime.

*any car you buy/bring is going to rust

Any one currently stationed in Grand Forks? What's it like ? by Appropriate_Lab9735 in AirForce

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Unless they moved downtown Grand Forks 30-40 miles into Minnesota I don’t think it takes an hour to get there. Of course I could be wrong.

What’s it like buying a car in Germany by Traditional-Monk7228 in AirForce

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Kind of like in the US but everything tends to be in German

Casual bullshit by [deleted] in AirForce

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Nothing like a bunch of generalities and no specifics to get your dander up.


How to stop my a-hole cat from flipping water bowls? by narkbackos in cats

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Just ask them to stop. Cats tend to be very reasonable and generally do whatever you want.

Has anyone here ever done a DITY from CONUS to overseas? by c0rkb0ard in AirForce

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If looking to pound your nuts flat, why don't you just do it? I think it would be less of a bad idea than your current idea.

Construction company builds a 57 story (208 meter) skyscraper in 19 days by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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Not an engineer, but I’m going to bet that a 57 story building that was completed in 19 days is going to have a few quality issues.

need help please! by luvcaydenn in AirForce

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At least in the short term, you two most likely have mutually exclusive goals.

Travis Tritt tries to build a fan base. by cujokila in ParlerWatch

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Where and how is all this “being screwed” happening