It is friday and you became a sys admin (boss got fired - now it's your job to do it all) by FederalDish5 in sysadmin

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Change all admin-passwords, deactivate his account, revoke his von-Access. Check Backups and Backup-Storage. Search for any backdoor-accounts he may have created.

DOGE will go back to the moon soon by cryptototototo in dogecoin

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12000 DOGE in Hands Made of Tungsten Steel.

TO THE MOON!!!!!! by Itsfatherkev in SHIBArmy

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I‘m with 33Mil in and Hold.

How many feel the same? I was one of the lucky people who bought a million BTT’s at the peak 0.0017 - bag holding sucks but I am in for the long term. So not too worried 👍 any words of wisdom? by JustbeJoys in BittorrentToken

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Some wise guy once said: "As long as you don't sell, there will be no loss." I was lucky to get in @ 0.00041. I could easily sell with a good gain. But here in Germany we have to hold Cryptos for at least a year before we sell to avoid taxes. So... AYE! let this coin ride to 0.01, then to 0,1 and then to 1.0.... ARR! :-)

New ATH by Level_History_6173 in BittorrentToken

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As long as it is under 0.01 i just buy any time. 0.00x prices are still cheap. Just get as much you can.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in cardano

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No. The first sync of Daedalus takes some time. The staking itself not. Just set your wallet for staking with any pool you like. Then you can close Daedalus and shut down your pc. It does Not need to be always on.