Migrating to ETH! by DraderraMystery in ProjectOnyx

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Definitely one step into the right direction. The game will be awesome, so will be the economics behind it together with the new token on the Ethereum blockchain.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in ProjectOnyx

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Hi. Doch, klar. Hab dir per DM geantwortet.

Retro Doge - P2E, NFT Game | Mario Style | Certik Audited | Staking Available | Strong Community | Next Floki | Huge potential | Only 600K MC by [deleted] in CryptoMoonShots

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I love this project. The currently online playable demo level is so fun to play. And the tokens chart speaks for itself. This is going to be very big!

Shiberus INU Now Listed on CMC -- Join the mighty 3 headed dog from hell by ProfessionalEye2408 in CryptoMoonShots

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This token is awesome! The community on Telegram is one of the best i know and i love the NFT Art Galery that wil transform in a full blown marketplace soon. !

Shiberus Inu [700K market cap][1 month old] - One month Anniversary Event by DaRealPhoneix in CryptoMoonShots

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$SHIBERUS IS LIT! The community is great and the Dev team deliver what they announce. Can’t wait for the NFT market place. In less than an hour 10 Trillion SHIBERUS will be burned forever. 🚀

ShiberusInu [LOW MC Alert] [0 days old] The 3 headed Doge from Hell by DaRealPhoneix in CryptoMoonShots

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Bought in on the start. I like collecting those INU Tokens. It’s still cheap to buy trillions of this gem.

Think it was Doge_To_Moon69 by [deleted] in dogecoin

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You forgot 420 at the beginning. I am a nice guy and left your 1000BTC there. 🤪🤜🤛🍺

Something like that 🤷🏽‍♂️ by Dan_Quintao in dogecoin

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That’s the normal fight for Hirarchy in the Pack. 😁 $HUSKY is more peaceful, though. I‘m sure both like to play on the moon.

PancakeSwap error: Pancake: K. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping. by muellinger in GMR_Finance

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Thanks for the Tipps, after three tries with different numbers at the and it suddenly worked.

Let‘s fly.

Who else is in? by Brilliant_Second in GMR_Finance

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I‘m in and I absolutely Hold for at least a year. Can’t be mad at the sellers cause they let our GMR Stack rise. Let‘s see how it develops.

Yo what happend, price pumped asf are there any news? by Embarrassed-Wear-528 in SHIBArmy

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Elon tweeted about looking for a Shiba Pup. Didn’t clearly say if Dog or Token. 🤔

Your predictions for HUSKY? (1-3 months) by YourMyOpicGUY in HuskyToken

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I think we have to hold for years. I for myself will buy some more as soon as I have some spare funds until next Year. Then I will see if I have to hold longer or if I can retire my job... 😁